27 Apr 2018

Acid Reflux wakes me up


Do any of you have this problem? I can be sleeping and for some reason stomach acid comes up into my throat and wakes me upIt really burns and I have a bad coughing spellI do eat at night before bed   I find I have to eat something or I wont sleepIs there anything I can do do improve digestion so this does not happenOr I am open to other suggestions Thanks   


Hi there Homina,You posting is yellowing at the edges and hasn't attracted comment.  The comment that I will make is that if you are and have been suffering acid reflux for anything like five weeks then you need to bring this to your doctor's attention.  It is true that it is for your doctor to try and resolve your acid reflux problem and it is also true that he has a duty to guard against cancer of the oesophagus.If you have been getting acid reflux for 5 weeks or more than you are at greater risk of of cancer of the throat or oesophagus.  Cells in your oesophagus should be checked and monitored by endoscopy for barrett's oesophagus (abnormal cells).There is probably nothing to worry about but get it checked.G

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This isn't really a case of improving digestion.To me, this sounds like a Catch-22.  You shouldn't eat just before going to bed (and you DEFINITELY shouldn't be taking meds within half an hour of lying down), but you say you 'need' food, otherwise you won't sleep. The only advice I can offer beyond Supaguy's is to use two pillows and keep yourself propped up with your head higher than your throat, which should help minimize reflux. 

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My partner has reflux, if you can raise your bed head end at least 15cm. We just got a few pieces of wood and put under legs. It has helped. You really shouldn't eat for at least 2-3 hrs before bed. Try something like gaviscon before bed. 

Yes inclining your head of the bed could be very helpful.   And there was a coversation about inclined bed sleeping here for other reasons a few years ago.   You can use those cups that are sold at places like walmart to create more space for under bed storage.  Just use two of them for the head of the bed.It feels weird at first but you get used to it after a while. 

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Thanks All Raising the bed is a good suggestionI think I can do something more to improve digestion because I should not get refux five hours after eating I don't think I thnk something more is going on here  I do really need to eat before bedtimeIt aint "in my head"or I won't sleep however, not a large amount