27 Apr 2018

Test results - what do they show


Had testing for Lyme and this popped up. Clam pneum - IgG antibodies (Elisa) + 1.6Clam pneum  IgA antibodies (Elisa) +2.5Clam pneum Elispot Ltt +21 Is this current infection. I dont have coughing or wheezing at all. No probs with my chest that I am aware of. Thanks for your help.


Hi Elizabeth,your LTT is high! Did they test your IgA ,too?  Where did you test it?My LTT went down to plus 3, which means cpn is still active on a low level. The IgA is still high, which means the LTT is positive.You don´t have to cough, the lack of your mentioned problems does´t mean you´re not infected.Cpn is in your system !!It is a current infection. sphinx 

 Wheldon CAP May 2008,   52  Tini pulses - stopped Nov.2013- Buhner´s protocol Dec. 2013 till  June 2014 - cpn free Oct. 2014