27 Apr 2018

Treat Helminth infections first, or concurrently?


Im pretty sure I have a necator americanus or stronglyiodes issue on top of the CPN.  I think this issue may have been around for a long time.  I grew up on the beaches of texas and have been on others all over the world and ran barefoot through many a field.  However, since I was given a cycle of Clindamycin and Flagyl they seem to have been much more active.  It was horrible.  I lost almost 70 lbs and the ability to eat everything, pretty much.  So Im hesitant.  I was able to get them under control with a severely modified diet, but the inflammation in the intestines is hard to manage som


Best of Luck to you Sadie.   Folks here don't formulate game plans for treatments.  I would suggest if you have worms that you see an MD and get the proper treatment  prescribed based on the advice of your physician.

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I am interested in your replies as i think i too may be in this position, with some kind of worm thing.  I have no idea about the amounts.  If it were me though i know that i am not well enough to do all at once.  I would have to start with one med, maybe the ivermectin, then add in the other one if they can be taken together.  So a decision for me would be taken out of my hands.  Sometimes, over here, pharmacists in the chemists (what i think you call drug store?ha,ha) will help with answers, failing a doctor, who will probably not go with your pictures.  When i txed the worms before - it helped with the endometriosis, amazingly, but i keep saying this and no one listens.  What if it were a cure for endo!!!!!

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Louise.  I wanted a game plan to take to a dr.  Can anyone even tell what what kind of doctor Id have the most success possibilities with?  Rhematologist?  Do I need to walk into the hospital so I can get referred to infectious disease?  Family practice, gastros, and internists have proven futile.  "I dont want to trial Humira!  No, Asacol did not help me!".  But its so hard because then they are like, lets up the dosage or combine it with xyz.. and Im like, PLEASE TREAT THE INFECTIONS FIRST!  I want them to treat  my worm and possible infectious issues not whatever disease they have it in their mind I have before evn checking other possibilities!  I have an appt with a Rhematologist today.. are there any other specialties I could try and talk to? I want a doctor's help.  Ive been to 4 in the last month.  My husband has been to 1.  Do I just have to keep going to the gastro and doing scopes and biopsies until they hit a place that has the bacteria or worms?  Ive had so many scopes at this point.  Do I go down the Rheumy path finally and let them possibly give me a new DX that will go on my health record and possibily make insurance even more expensive for my small company and effect the premiums I pay for my entire group in hopes that then they *might* treat me? My husband's cousin just posted on her facebook this morning that she has been dxed with MS.  She wont even be able to get into a specialist till April. I just feel like right now Im stuck with syptoms that can go down almost any specialty path and I just dont know how to connect with the right people to help me. My GP will only run food allergy tests at this point.  I cant get it with my gastro for another 5 weeks.

Rheumatologists are people who specialize in treating what are most probably infectious diseases, while denying that they are infectious.  Visiting one is somewhat like visiting Darth Vader for treatment; expect to be told something like "I find your lack of faith... disturbing".Cpn takes a long time to cure, so it'd probably be best to hit the parasites first.  Ask gastroenterologists about where there might be a lab that will give you something better than "parasite present, taxonomy unknown".  There's even a project now that will do DNA sequencing on your gut germs:http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/american-gutthough the options that would say anything about parasites start at $2500.(In theory, DNA sequencing could tell you absolutely everything about what is in your gut.  In practice, they aren't that good yet -- not by a long shot, and certainly not for that amount of money.  But it still might be worth doing.)But when going after parasites, do check that the drugs used won't have a big impact on Cpn as well.  The combination of clindamycin and Flagyl that you were put on likely would have a big impact on Cpn; on the protocols used on this site, we take the other antibiotics for months before starting Flagyl, as otherwise the reactions can be too strong to handle.  (That combination also kills quite a lot of the bacteria in your gut, which can open it up for C. difficile infection.)

Have you tried diatomaceous earth? If not, buy some online (you should buy only FOOD GRADE) and look into the toilet next couple of days :-) You do not need doctor for this experiment.If you would like to test, see metametrix.com, their GI profile, they do DNA testing for parasites and it does not cost fortune.

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I think I have one of two super hard worms to get on a stool test. I get parasite present, taxonomy unknown in my stool tests from metametrix. Both strongyloides and necator Americanus are evidently hard to find in stool tests.

I did de for a month. I've also done other herbal cleanses. I've never seen anything in the potty.. So I was very dubious I had them until I saw them with my own eyes on the slides. Right now, they really do seem to be effected by the Nac. Everything I'm seeing is dead so it's hard to ID definitively with no internal organs. Both are treated with albenza very successfully and ivermectin.
I'm frustrated because the rheumy yesterday seemed open and said he'd at least test for it.. But now I can see the diagnostechs test doesn't have either of those listed ..in it's igg panel of worms.. So that means they will still be looking for a very hard to find needle in a haystack.


Norman, your response made me laugh so hard. The rheumy does ultrasound of your joints to look for inflammation and signs of different auto immune disease. He found a cyst (he asked me about my worm theory when he saw that) in my shoulder and so much inflammation everywhere. At first he focused on sjorgens.. Then after everything was assymetirical and he saw tears and fluid in my tissues and joints.. He asked me about growing up in Texas and any direct illnesses I could correlate to this. I said are you saying worms couldn't cause this? And he said, no, they could as well as infection. But still seemed skeptical.. Kept correcting me on chlamydia pneumonia being called mycoplasma pneumonia.. I told him I was pretty sure they were different.

So, I'm going to send him more information.. At least he was open..

The thing is.. The tests look very expensive and the drugs to treat are pretty cheap and safe..

This should all be so easy.. A couple worm focused drugs and a few antibiotics taken in the right sequence. It must be so absolutely infuriating to all of you who have played the game, got the diagnoses and still can't get anyone to treat you. I admit, i pulled out of the diagnosis game and feel very much like I'm paying for it now because nobody knows what to do with me.


What a big mess.

I have a friend who is a pathologist who says he can't explain how I made what must be artifacts that look exactly like strattons picture and dead worms.. LoL. .. But that there has to be some other explanation although he admits it very much warrants further investigation. He said I'd be one in a million so regardless of what it may look like it's very unlikely it's really what we are seeing. Yet at the same time telling me I could be seeing what I'm seeing. He's gonna research Chlamydia Pnemonia.. It was only very low level on his radar in that he knows it exists.

He said I could try staining the slides so I can see their internal bodies and preserve them for any other lab.

And that he's very curious and will try his best to get me an I'd.

I think he's my best shot at clarity.

Anyway, in researching it seems like often an antibiotic like bactrim or doxy is prescribed concurrently with the albenza and ivermectin. So you should, in theory, be able to hit everything all at once.

About half the population have antibodies to Chlamydia pneumoniae, so you'd think doctors might be aware of it.By the way, readers wondering what Necator Americanus is should read this:http://bodyhorrors.wordpress.com/2011/04/25/blood-money-hookworm-econom… spreads via feces, so shouldn't be hard to find there.  Wikipedia says that is what you should be looking at through the microscope, not blood.But one thing about getting 'unknown parasite' back, as a test result, is that you can then contact them and ask "if it were Necator Americanus or Strongyloides, would you have been able to pin it down as those, or might those have given me this test result?"  Or you can ask if they might be able to identify it with more testing (and of course more money), or if they can't, who might be able to identify it.  (Of course that requires some skill in finding the right person to talk to; the receptionist won't be able to give a good answer to such questions.)As for explanations of your images, since whatever-it-was that was in your blood wasn't moving, it might just have been a piece of crud that got onto the slide somehow: drifting down from the air, say.  And there have got to be other things than Cpn EBs that can stick to red blood cells and are about that size.

I called diagnostechs as it was a new lab and a new test then Ive done before.  Its a saliva and stool, 3 day.  They test IGG to several worms too, just not my possibilities.  I actually got to speak to a doctor there and he said that with those two worms the Ovum and Egg test would diagnose that *something* was there.. but they too would likely return a taxonomy unknown.  I mentioned that's what Id gotten at metametrix and genova and he said "yup"..It was really hard to get a definitive on those two, especially strongyloides.  It was so great to have him admit that and then try to help me figure out how to catch them!  :)  He recommended I do IGG serum just like the pathology friend.necator and stronglyoides can both be in blood in different stages, i guess. I hadnt heard of necator till someone pointed it out to me.  There is also Anclyostoma.. and evidently the eggs from both look like something else's eggs.. so if they dont Culture the Ovum and egg, then again, they cant give you a definitive. The Lab doc mentioned Anclyostoma when I told him that the morphology just wasnt matching either necator or strongyloides exactly.. its pointy at both ends and the hook face isnt like necator exactly.  I asked them if they could privately review my slides and he said he wished he could.Frankly, I dont care.  Same drugs either way.