27 Apr 2018

My IGG is High for CPn, but IGM is Neg. What to do ? Labs Inside, Need HELP !


Hey Everyone, Below are my Labs I ran on myself.  Does this Suggest CPn.  What about the Mycoplasma.  Wondering if should get on CAP Protocol.  Is this enough to say I have it ?  Can CPn be causing all of Autonomic Dysfunction like (POTS), Sympathetic Overdrive, Heat/Cold Intolerance, Anxiety, Emotional Lability, Stiff neck, Shortness of breath at rest and even with Minimal exertion.  I have focues on Lyme for so long and wondering if this could be my bigger problem.  My head feels brain damaged and this is a big find for me if it has meaning.


Gary,   I'm racing out the door right now (check your messages), but you are describing many of the symptoms I had, which are now gone, after doing this protocol. Hopefully, by replying, I've bumped your post  up so someone will see it and can look at your results and answer you more directly.

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Hi Gary,I can't see your results post above, but I heard in a presentation from Charles Stratton that IgG = chronic infection, IgM = acute infection. The threshold he was talking about for "positive" based on Cpn IgG was 1:64 or greater.Hope this helps.Cheers,Graeme 

I can't read your labs either.  I do think I'm dealing with Cpn (my IgG and IgA antibodies have been as high as the lab measures at times).  My Igm is not positive.I'm also likely dealing with viruses.  High IgG antibody titers (as high as the lab measures) to HSV1 and Cox B4.  Also positive IgM for HSV1.  I've been on both antiviral and antibiotic treatment and have seen gains in my health.  I am not yet well.Check this out:  http://chronicfatigue.stanford.edu/patient_care/I recently upped the dose of valtrex that I'm on and what I'm going through right now is brutal.  Cry.Best, Timaca

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