27 Apr 2018

Wide Distribution of a High-Virulence Borrelia burgdorferi


Since many here are lyme/cpn co-infected, thought I would post the following:Here is the lay person version of the information.  And Here is the scientific version from the CDC website.  Article gets into the differences European lyme vs North America lyme as well as disease carriers.  Interesting in Europe it's birds.



Yes, and the birds as carriers of vectors is not surprising when you look at how this disease has spread.  For example, in Minnesota, where I have always lived, Bb has been measured in random tick populations which seem to spread from the rivers inward towards the forests.  These creatures need their water supply.


It doesn't take much study of the MN Bb distribution map to see how it has spread along the Mississippi River all the way from it's source in north central MN.


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