27 Apr 2018
lee mcghee

a couple of good questions


Hello, I hope everyone is having success with there protocols. I just had a couple of questions if anyone could answer. Is there a gene to test for the suseptability of a person to get cpn?  I have read stories of people having cpn for 3-6 months and they got better. Some doctors call it Rieters syndrome. Anyone else have a doctor tell them they had Rieters? Also I know the Docs say 3-5 years is how long you should stay on the protocol? Should there be no symptoms left in order to go of the protocol COMPLETELY! and what if you feel fine after 1 year of the protocol?


 Lee- you stay on the protocol until you are no longer reacting to anti-chlamydials like flagyl, rifampin, etc.. Then Dr. Wheldon has recommended going to an intermittent protocol for 6months to a year, essentially dual antibiotics and flagyl for 7 days a month. Continue to take NAC for the rest of your life. Stopping is not based on symptoms, it's based on reaction to the antibiotics. Symptoms are not an acurate read on this because some may be from other causes or from damage due to long term inflammation.

CAP for Cpn 11/04. Dx: 25yrs CFS & FMS. Protocol: 200mg Doxy, 300mg Roxithromycin, Tini 1000mg/day pulses; Vit D1000 units, Iodoral 50mg, T4 & T3

> Is there a gene to test for the suseptability of a person to get cpn?

Great question! The closest thing we have is the APOE gene test (which is also used to indicate susceptibility to alzheimer's). There is work indicating that people with the E4 variation of this gene are more susceptible to Cpn. However this is all theoretical. I tested "normal", i.e. E3, E3. Yet the progression of this disease has been relentless in my case. 

I wonder if everyone on this site got tested what kind of distribution we would find. 

CFS. Started CAP 03-07. Currently: Roxi 600mg + Doxy 200mg . Tini pulses 1000mg. Sauna QOD. D 8000IU. Niacin 3 x 500mg. Mel 3mg.

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