27 Apr 2018

Anyone gonna try the Walkaide device?????


I have an appointment Monday 2/11/2006 to see if the Walkaide device will work for me. (Even if it gets me back to using a walker instead of this wheelchair.)

I'm reservedly excited. Don't want to get my hopes up too high. I will need to go to physical therapy also cause my legs have gotten weak. I excercise at home with a little device that let's me excercise my arms and legs but I think a physical therapy office would have equipment that would be more beneficial to me.

I'll keep you posted on Mondays result.



Linda, I can't wait to hear how it works for you. It's so exciting -- good luck!


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I plan on trying it - every month a company holds a clinic where you can try it here in MI. I am waiting until I get stronger. If you are not satisfied with the trial - I would think about trying it again after PT.

I am in PT and Feb. is the month of hips. My hips are weak from sitting down too much so I need to strengthen them before I am going to be able to walk better. Maybe I will be able to try the aid in March.
Let us know how it goes - good luck!

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Good Luck MAD CAPpers!

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Hangar Orthotists called me back today. If all goes well I will go there mid-week. I too am guardedly optimistic. I really hope it will be my ticket to a better gait. Wouldn't it be wonderful if it works? Let's all hope and pray that it does.

-kk2 :)

p.s. Thanks again for posting the ABC news video. ;)


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