27 Apr 2018

Brisbane Community Screening of Under Our Skin Saturday 1 June 2013


Infexion Connexion is staging a community screening of the Lyme disease film Under Our Skin at Brisbane Girls Grammar School on Saturday 1 June at 6:00pm.  This US documentary is considered to be the world’s most articulate coverage of the disease from the perspective of the sufferer and the doctors at the forefront of the medico-legal battle to treat the disease effectively.  We are holding a post-screening panel discussion with three Lyme disease doctors and a Lyme disease patient (a Cpnhelp member).  There will be a state member of parliament in attendance as well as doctors, al


So, tell us how it went!!  Wink

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Saturday 1 June 2013, Brisbane Girls Grammar School.The presentation went really well!  The turnout was fantastic - a large number of doctors, allied and alternative health practitioners, heaps of Lyme patients and their carers, and representatives from politics, journalism and environmental education.Vince Neil, director of Mycotox, Newcastle NSW, presented powerpoints on Bacterial Endotoxins and Chronic Inflammatory Disease.  Vince is conducting studies aimed at demonstrating a causal link between environmental microbial exposure and chronic illness.Screening of Amara and Lyme "First, I would like to present the human face of Lyme disease. This is a short video about Amara Campbell.  She has been diagnosed with late-stage neurological Lyme disease.  She's not just a statistic; she's a person, and this is what Lyme disease does to a person." http://youtu.be/vKiFM7nCylQScreening of Under Our Skin“Unfolding like a real-life thriller, Under Our Skin exposes the hidden epidemic of Lyme disease and reveals how our troubled health care system is failing to address one of the most serious and mysterious illnesses of our time.”Expert panel represented by:

  • Dr Andrew Ladhams, Bare Bones Medicine Co, Maleny Qld;
  • Dr Peter Mayne, Laurieton Medical Centre, Laurieton NSW;
  • Dr Gull Herzberg, Bellingen Healing Centre, Bellingen NSW;
  • A Lyme disease patient.

The hour-long panel discussion was stimulating, informative and enlightening.  As soon as we can edit our footage of the event, we will put it on Youtube and post the link here.  I don’t know whether Chlamydophila will ever catch on.  All I heard, over and over again, (apart from Borrelia and other nasties) was Chlamydia pneumoniae.  But it was music to my ears.After all that was over I had a nice cup of tea and a long lie-down.Wink

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