27 Apr 2018

Bladder issues


I just finished my 22nd pulse and can't seem to make it thru 2 hours of sleep before I awake to pee.  This happens EVERY NIGHT with 4 to 5 trips as the norm.  This is not just a frequent dribble; a bladder full! I don't think its a uti because there is no discomfort/ pain. should I look into OAB (over active bladder) medications?  Please help.      Thanks, Kim   


You may want to try Pumpkin Seed Extract. Here is a link for some info and ordering on Amazon.com:


I bought some because I have some borderline bladder issues but haven't taken it enough to report anything.


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Is this a change for you?  Did you have ANY incontinence, leakage, urgency, etc.?  I had all those and went through several years of exactly what you are describing.  It is all gone now and all is normal.


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Before I had even heard of CAP I took LDN and overnight those nightly trips to pee disappeared - that's one thing that I attribute to LDN. I sleep through the night still (too chicken to stop the LDN!).



The reason for this is that inflammation is receding and you need to get rid of the excess liquid. Some of the inflammation is caused by die off and some by Cpn's resistance to metronidazole. I really do not think you should look for ways to change this and do not think you could anyway.

- Paul

Kim, This is an excellent topic to comment on.  My husband has been diagnosed with cpn and started on the protocol.  When he started he too, complained of frequent needs for the bathroom.  I seem to agree with paul regarding inflammation from cpn die off.  

I hope you feel better,



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Paul, I think you hit the nail on the head. The more I read, the more convinced, my body is holding on to the bacteria. I guess it will have to run it's course.

Thanks, Kim

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Kim, this constantly waking for a pee is common with anyone who has MS.  Has it got worse since starting treatment?  Is it worse during or after a metronidazole pulse?

For years and years I would wake up several times in the night for a pee and the quantity seemed to depend on how much fluid I had drunk in the evening.  Since most people drink more water to help counteract endotoxins during treatment, it does help to drink more during the day but ease off in the evening. Since taking melatonin,  I would fall asleep again quickly so it wasn't that much of a pain.

With me, the waking continued until recently, even if I didn't really need to go, but suddenly, a few months ago, something clicked, probably a reconnection in the brain, and I started sleeping through the night..............Sarah

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Hi Katman, This is a change for me in that the freaquency has doubled. I just finished a pulse and am on the uptake today. I always had an overactive bladder but it all subsided with the abx. now it came back with fury! Image removed. Kim

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I had all the testing done last year for exactly the same reason.  The result was that the mechanism that tells your bladder to empty was not working correctly.  It was "shutting off" before the bladder was empty.  I was told this is a very common phenomenon with MS.  The urologist started me on Flomax 0.4 mg nightly.  I then tapered over time to where I am no longer using it.  During the time that it was really bad I did self-cath occasionally.  I wanted to make sure I didn't end up with bladder infections again.  It took time but it seems to be resolved.  I suggest you go to see a urologist to get some medical advice for this.  I would not try to resolve this yourself. 


Just my 2 cents!


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Thanks Lori, I know you have been there and done that! I'll take you 2 cents!   still trying to get my blog done for pulse 21 AND 22.Image removed. Shame on me!!!

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I had a seven day coarse of IV Clindamycin.  Two days after it ended, had to urinate 25 times a day, for one and a half days.  The urgency to urinate was so strong, and it just was like a flood each time.  

Afterward the puffiness under my eyes and the bloated feeling subsided.  So, I buy into Paul's theory.  My other thought was that it was just my body's way of releasing a lot of toxins and  stuff.  

I'm on my second round of IV's, so I am anxious to see if the results are  the same.  Either way, it's positive that your body is releasing the toxins, or bacteria, or excess water held for inflammation.   


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