27 Apr 2018

Birdie's Notes


I am still doing the NAC. For about 6 months I'd been taking it off and on with no trouble. However, Oct 8th I began to take 600mg every morning without food. I became miserable. Increased depression. Myalgia arms, back hitting strong... Arthralgia - Lt hip, Rt knee. Nausea at times. Stopped it Oct 25.Oct 28th decided to try smaller dose. Took about 150-200 each morning. Still symptoms above but decreased frequency and intensity. Keeping at that dose for now.At this rate it will take a long time to get to 1200mg/day which I think is the recommended dose before starting antibiotics.


So, right now, I am taking the supplements and have been for years. Some amounts I am adjusting to the list. I've taken NAC for a year but not constantly. I would forget it. And then, I began to take it daily about a month ago and was careful to take it away from meals. That's when the trouble began. I got to a point where I was sure I was going mad. I felt hopeless. This was on a 600mg dose. So, I stopped 3 days. Then, started again, still away from meals, dividing up the capsule. About 150-200mg a day. Still having depression but think I am getting used to this dose. I will wait another week at least before upping the dose to 300..  Unfortunately, I did not know about the tryptophan, 5-HTP problem. So I'd been taking 5-HTP for years and then switched to tryptophan which I took for 6 months. Now, I am getting it out of my diet amap. I bought the Great Lakes gelatin and am using that.  

Fibromyalgia, CE/CFS, Post Polio Syn.

Birdie,Why do you take NAC on an empty stomach?  Perhaps it might "work" a bit slower, but at least you could be ridding your system of millions of elementary bodies every day. If die off is the nausea problem, then that is a different story: "as fast as possible, but not any faster"! Have you ever tried NAC with food?  It is not "the end of the world" if you don't take NAC: Sarah didn't the whole first year she was on CAP...AND she got "well." AND she now can take it with no bad reactions. Everyone is diferent. Erica (the reason my "name" is MSmom), cannot take NAC at all. The die off and the nausea are intolerable for herr. There is much varied experience here. Someone will blog to help you more than I can.I wish you WELL!MSmom

Hi msmom,
I am so glad to hear from you. I seem to recall that the supplement list advised strongly to take the nac at the 1200 dose for 2 wks before starting abx. It is helpful to know others have done the protocol without nac.

I had started it before I came to this site. I must have been taking it away from meals cuz there is a little sticky note telling me to do it that way. If I use it with food, it won't be absorbed as well so I might as well just take a tiny dose so I figured at least.

I don't yet have a doc to Rx the abx so thought to do the preliminaries with the nac now. I am doing okay with 150 about. So, I am going very slowly with it.

I am procrastinating about the doc part. There is a lady about an hour away. I should look her practice up on the Internet.

Okay, I've put that on the list. Thanks. It's the motivation that's missing so you helped there.. Birdie

Fibromyalgia, CE/CFS, Post Polio Syn.

Last night I took my NAC at bedtime. Will see how this works. I've done that in the past and maybe that's why I didn't have the bad side effects.

Fibromyalgia, CE/CFS, Post Polio Syn.