27 Apr 2018

Amygdala training


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For those interested, I have no opinion on this particular kind of nervous system response training. Clearly, in my observations and understanding of the research, chronic stress reaction (sympathetic nervous system dysregulation) is linked with CFS, and we know that cortisol encourages infection. On the other hand, we also know that chronic infections generate chronic activation of the sympathetic nervous system and a dysregulation of the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-axis), the brain's stress response network. So cause and effect are wonderfully confused here. There is no question in my mind that lowering chronic stress responses in the body will aid most people in fighting chronic infections, hence this forum category.

That said, it could be that Chris's wondrous response to Gupta's method is because stress response, not infection, was the main factor in Chris's illness and his pursuit of infection treatments was the wrong direction. There is no way to know from an anecdotal report. At any rate, I'm always interested to hear of people's experience with adjuncts like this, especially for those who are on a CAP for Cpn and find something like this makes a difference in thier treatment. 

Chris- I hope you'll forgive me for moving this post to the forum rather than your blog. I'm not sure it was the right decision, but it is done.

thank you jim.  i think these are interesting/important distinctions.  edited rest of my post, as a bit of a jumble!

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I sincerely hope you will post again in coming days, weeks and months. I doubt you will stay well IF you have ongoing infections which have not been effectively treated. I hope you will have the honesty to write about it should you relapse because most of us do not have money to waste. 

 I have a some questions.

What OBJECTIVE diagnoses did you have of infection or symptoms? - lab work, tilt table testing, brain scans, oxygen levels, enlarged lymph nodes, low grade fevers? 

How recovered were you 3 weeks ago before starting the amygdala training?

 Did you alter anything else in the past 3 weeks - stop some antibiotics? - exercise - diet?

 I look forward to hearing more of your experience.


Paula Carnes

Cort Johnson's web site has plenty of information on Amygdala training.


Cort has written about it since Jan 2008 - see blogs - he's a big proponent of it.  There's likely an interview with program creator.  

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What happened to scheshe?  I have seen several versions of the same post via email from others, in my inbox and on this board.  I am very interested in the Gupta program but am confused why there are so many versions of the same posts floating around out there.


I REALLY want to know about the Immunox too

hi guys..i am back..i have been so busy...

i have done tilt table tests,all infectious tests(ricketssia,borrelia,herpes zoster,chlamydia pn trach and psitaccii  and most of them positive as u can read in my other posts,trust me..i will never relapse unless i start going down those same conditioned pathways again.it is not the bugs..although cleaning parasites from your cells is probably a good thing..

i changed nothing  in my treatments and it is not from the outside that my allmost total cure in such short time has come so fast..it is through the acceptance of what all the people who recovered were telling me(either consciously or unconsciously)that it was a trauma in the amygdala and a subconscious mechanism that caused the symptoms-...these symptoms are just too strong to be due to infection..they are generated in the brain!!!!!!!!that is why the amygdala retraining and for some people similar things(lightning process(i just didnt like their approach so i didnt accept it and wasted 3 more years!!)) worked..but u must look at who u are,how u are feeling,thinking,interacting with yourself,people,your body,symptoms your dreams,relationships and family etc....we are stuck in a protection mechanism situated in an unconcious part of the brain!it is a physical process caused by a trauma in the brain but it is reversible!!!

this part can be accesed via the conciuos mind and u will be healed..u are not under attack from bugs or have a genetic defect!!your immune systems are all good and so are your muscles although you are feeling like hell it will disappear----do it...don´t ask all those doubting questions(oh u will relapse if u dont kill all the bugs or oh why are u not 100 percent wel etc...it takes time but this is where its at) as i would have done and have done for years and years..just trust me ..i am not a fake --u will be healed by yourself and not by a medication,though medications can take the edge of the fear cycles (for instance benzodiazipines) but u must change your pattern!!!!u are responsible and u have the power!!

 do ashokgupta and do it with total trust..it works.

good luck..

find me on u tube or the net..i am a real person chris schermer is my name i am a musician!

u are stronger than u think--u are living in hell now but it is a matrix that does not exist..it is not what u believe it is. trust me!!!



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So you are going to live forever. Nothing can kill you because you will use amygdala retraining no matter what happens to you.

 I see you are now 7 weeks out. Good for you. Keep posting for the next several months, because I want to know if you relapse. Furthermore, I wonder actually how well you were seven weeks ago - my hunch is pretty healthy - just depressed.

 I was just at the Reno conference on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They mentioned something fascinating - cfs patients when asked what they would do tomorrow if they were suddenly well have a long list. Depressed patients can think of nothing. I wonder how you would have answered seven weeks ago. I know I have a LONG list. 

Allow me to make some comparisions reagrding infections that cause chronic fatigue syndrome - folks with AIDS and HCV - they do well at times, then they relapse because the virus they carry destroys them. Folks with untreated syphillis seem fine, sometimes for years, but they can become insane and die. This is very much like borrelia infection or Lyme disease. And then there is malaria. Lots of people carry malaria and seem FINE. Then they relapse. This is like babesia.

I have borrelia, babesia, mycoplasma, c. penumonia and a few viruses. Sometimes in the past 13 years I have been GREAT. Sometimes I have been very sick, so sick I wished I was dead. But I am a tough bird. So far I have not given up, and I focus on love, joy and peace, always. 

I have done EFT for psychologica issues. It did NOTHING for me, NOTHING. Well, it took a few dollars out of my pocket. I've tried EMDR and hypnosis, Nada. I like to call myself Doubting Thomas, because I only believe when there is evidence. I see no evidence that would convince me to try what you are trying. But maybe my health issues are not the same as yours at this point.

Keep posting. If you can convert me you will be amazing.

Paula Carnes


Paula Carnes

Is it possible that including the mental shift of perspective from the Gupta training ( also from other forms of mental reconditioning that I am aware of) and which I do believe can contribute so much to our healing that you also actually turned the corner in treatment?   For myself that started at about 6 months into to the Statton-Wheldon CPn protocol? 

This is not to imply that your program is not important for you, I support self help methods personally.  Still you have not given up the CAp from what I can read so...    A synergistic effect is something that I could consider a great contribution to the entire picture of your health.   Louise

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   Schesche, I wonder whether you suggest amygdala retraining for all the disesases in this site, with certain pathological changings; such as MS(with plaques on MR), RA, neuroborreliosis, FS, chronic prostatitis, recurrent intertissiel cystitis, etc...(ALS maybe), or only for CFS with no known macropathology. Do you think plaques on the brain will disappear or muscle wasting will stop with amygdala retraining?


KEREM'S TAKECARER;Suspıcıon of MS (transient nystagmus during conjugated gaze on february 2008, blepharospazms and some optic complaints on february 2009-no plaque on MRI), Vit D3 started 400 IU and elevated to 2000 ıu ın 40 days.

I am interested in Karem's question as well.  Since alot of the same pathogens (Lymes, Cpn, HHV6 etc.) seem to be implicated in CFS, MS, RA and more diseases it seems all the time, where is the line drawn with what the Amygdala/brain could be responsible for?  I think alot of people with CFS/FM may have undiagnosed MS.  Some with MS find out they actually have Lymes...  Getting diagnosed is often dependent on what type of doctor you see and what they specialize in.  Very confusing, but if it was the Amygdala or the brain, it might not be so confusing after all.

 I do know that the Lightening process is very much like Gupta's program and they are working more and more with MS patients and getting good results.  (Of course I dont know anyone personally, just what I have read)




Hi,Well I bought Ashok Gupta's  DVD course @ £165 because I had watched his YouTube clips and the idea of retraining the amygdala seemed logical.However it didn't do anything for me. I am pleased to be able to say that I was given a refund of £155 when I applied after  six months, no questions asked AI'm now interested in the work of Dr Jose Montoya re CFS at Stanford. Uni and Valcyte.Trent

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