27 Apr 2018

Acid reflux or inflammation from Doxy


I don't often post as I'm early into cap but read posts almost every day. Thanks to everyone that do post as it's so encouraging and helpful. I hope to give the same positive encouragement In the not too distant future when I'm feeling better. An ENT dr told me today I had acid reflux. I had a gastroscopy last year and all was ok. could anyone tell me if it could be from the Doxycycline. I take caps and two together on an empty stomach or with something light. I have no symptoms or discomfort. He prescribed protium.


Good to "see" you, NalaOthers will come and give you good advice.  The main thing that I will say is to at least drink LOTS of water with Doxy!  Most people say take it with food, too.  If I don't drink at least ten ounces of water, it will come up in forty-two minutes every time.Rica

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Hi Nala,I thought I had a strong stomach but I can't take foxy without food, it makes me sick. Probiotic is recommended on the protocol as antibiotics kill your good intestinal bacteria.Moggie

thank you for replying Rica. I will take extra water and a little food with the doxy for now and take some aloeVera. I will reconsider the Protium. Kind regardsNala

Wheldon Protocol for Late onset Asthms, Sinusitis, Fatigue. Started 4June '15. Doxy 200mg daily Azith 250mg MWF. 1st Flagyl pulse 6 Oct 15 (one day)

Doxy is "corrosive"... ADRAC in australia had a bunch of reports of the tablets sticking in throat and burning nasty holes...For this reason I labelled all doxy as followsTake in the middle of a main meal with a full glass of liquid. Remain upright for 1/2hour after dose.have some food, lots of liquid and try not to bend over for 30mins

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Great advice Liltiger.   Louise    It is what I do when taking doxy otherwise I vomit. not to mention the severe gastric pain.

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I have recently had a little reflux and have had no prob with Doxy same as you. I have been on it 1 1/2 years. Seems my gall bladder is stressed. You might check that.

Thank you all for the good advise and suggestions. i will take it with main meal for a while then maybe later take with evening meal. I thought when it wasn't causing me any discomfort it wasn't doing any damage. I did always take lots of water & make sure I'm sitting up. Luckypenny, how did you know your gall bladder was stressed. Nala

Wheldon Protocol for Late onset Asthms, Sinusitis, Fatigue. Started 4June '15. Doxy 200mg daily Azith 250mg MWF. 1st Flagyl pulse 6 Oct 15 (one day)