27 Apr 2018

A question for the "virus" experts on CMV


Over several years my IgG for CMV has come back as   >250  (positive is >15 )My ID doctor always said it was 'evidence of previous infection'...... but if that was so, shouldn't the level fall with time. The IgM has always been negative.Is this level high? Is a persistantly high level of IgG indicative of chronic re-activation? If this is adding to the Lyme and Cpn, maybe I should do Valcyte?I am going to get the levels done again today.Anne


Hi Anne~

I would say that antibody IgG titer for CMV is high (as high as the lab measures since you have a ">" sign in from of the 250.)

I'd check into it further.  My CMV IgG is 5.95 with a >1.0 as being positive.  It's been stable like that for a couple of years, and I don't think CMV is an issue for me (IgG not high enough).

Good luck.  Timaca

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Thanks Timca....well, that was my thought as well. Maybe I will see what the result is from today and then decide if I should go into battle. I am just so tired of all this.

How do you think the Acyclovir compares to Valcyte?


Hi Anne~

Let us know what your recent test results show.

Valcyte is much more expensive then Acyclovir.  Here's an article I found on it with regard to CMV:


Valcyte was helpful in treating my HHV-6.  I'm on acyclovir now, and I am holding my own with regard to HHV-6, but I think enterovirus needs to be addressed next in me (along with the Cpn).

Good luck...keep seeking out which pathogens are problems.

Best, Timaca

on valtrex 500 mg tidhttp://whispersfromthefather.me/   

Hi Anne,

If you look in my Valcyte Blog, you'll see my CMV IgG was  14.98 H (normal range <0.80) so that's about 15+ times higher than normal would be.  This is similar to yours.

Having this high an IgG titer is believed by many physicians that this may show evidence of a chronic infection or what would be called a reactivation of a past infection.  

THIS POST explains what Dr Teitelbaum says about viral titers.  It's similar to what we are using for CPn tests too and Dr Stratton would tell you that elevated CPn IgG titers would indicate chronic CPn infection.  Since there is no specific testing we can actually do to tell us if these infections are chronic, many of us do get better if/when we treat them and many have seen their titers drop.  I'm hoping mine do too. Image removed.

OTOH, another theory on treating chronic infection is that the viruses will be taken care of by treating the CPn.  I was "lucky" enough to get an rx without alot of trouble so I decided to do both treatments simultaneously but it may not be necessary.  

HERE's what Dr David Wheldon says: 

It seems that HHV6 is what might be termed a 'henchman'. That is, an organism widely present in human tissues and which is roused from a state of inactivity to cause gross pathology in areas that are already compromised by a primary intracellular pathogen. (It will be noted that Legionella pneumotropica is a strongly intracellular bacterium.) One might hypothesize that HHV6 may act as a 'henchman' in chronic infections with Chl pneumoniae, which is of course also an intracellular pathogen. One might further speculate that eradication of the chlamydial infection, support of mitochondrial fatigue and restoration of normal immune function might return HHV6 to a state of dormancy.

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