27 Apr 2018

Incredible Blog of Lyme MD


If you haven't seen this blog from the Germantown, MD lyme doctor it's a gem. Lots of treatment discusstion and discussion of L-form bacteria and the medical community. Mostly very good inside information about how he adapts the antibiotic approach to each individual. He discusses Marshall protocol. Lots of clinical experience.  The top post on this page he mentions CPN. The entire blog is terrific:


Also if you haven't seen Amy Proal's site it's very good. She classifies Lyme and CPN as TH1 pathogens.

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Biohazard, Amy Proal is promoting a treatment which recommends complete avoidance of all sources of vitamin D for many months. This protocol does use antibiotics similar to the CAP. I see that your vitamin D level is very low. You will want to be sure that you understand the extreme difference in concept between the Marshall Protocol and the CAP. Some of us have probably become much sicker by avoiding vitamin D - just my opinion.

One other thought - I used to live in Chattanooga, TN and saw a good doctor there who was following Stratton's protocol. If you are hunting for a doctor I can give you a lead there, also in Louisiana which isn't too far from you.

Paula Carnes

Paula Carnes

I will ditto Paula's comments and would like to add that Amy Proal is only regurgitating the Marshall Protocol on her site.  While I was an advocate and patient on the MP, (one of the first CFIDS sufferers on the MP and the first getting better at the time)  Amy and I spent many hours on the phone, a face to face conversation and we exchanged several emails. 

When I began to relapse after 3+ yrs on the MP, she simply tried to explain it away as if the prior 3 yrs of my treatment didn't really "do anything" for me and that I was only finally "getting somewhere" because I was SICK IN BED and THAT was supposedly a GOOD SIGN; the sicker the better.  It was supposed to mean something "good" was happening, even at that late unexplained stage.  Image removed.

In fact, right before I began to relapse, (Oct, 2007) Amy and I did an interview (I saved a copy) with her that she posted on her site.  I called her and told her she needed to remove it because I felt it was totally misleading to people reading it since it looked like I was almost completely cured and I was SICK IN BED and unable to function.  I told her when I felt better at some later date, I'd be happy to have my interview posted again, but that never happen.

Oh, and one thing I almost forgot to mention is at the time I was relapsing, there were MANY, MANY OTHERS getting sicker with no good explanation.  It wasn't just me.  Sure, Marshall said he knew what was happening and it was part of the recovery process but nobody that I know that stuck with the MP verbatim has recovered out of that state. 

The only ones that MIGHT have begun to get somewhere were the ones like me, that have increased their D deficiency levels back up to a normal state and have stopped doing the MP, but many of those people are now sicker than before ever starting the MP.  I know many of them personally and some by email and on the phone.  

Vitamin D is a GOOD THING.  It is not making us ill as the MP suggests.  It is not immuno-suppressive but immune building as the experts say.  Here's a great blog and comments from a cardiologist, Dr Cannell of the Vit D Council and alot of the patients from the MP: 

The Marshall Protocol and other fairy tales

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