I need a new doctor.

I had mild success (short term relief) from following Dr. Hahn's protocol last year, but symptoms are back in full swing now.  I developed a sinus infection that lead to a lung infection earlier this fall.   I did 2 zpacks back to back; the sinus infection disappeared, but chest tightness and shortness of breath remained.   I've gone from using the inhaler rarely to using it about every 4 hours and I still don't even get full relief from that (it's just albuterol).  I'm just getting over yet another sinus infection - zpack treated, also.  

I need a doctor who will prescribe abx based on stratton or wheldon -  it was said before that the azythromicin alone isn't enough and it seems you all were right.  I'd shop around for an open-minded doctor, but I'm uninsured and that would be insanely expensive and I can't really afford to do that.    I'm in the south east -  the south Georgia/north Florida area.  If you can recommend someone, I would be forever grateful.   Please private message me with info, if you can.

Agreed, the meds are relatively cheap, but finding a doctor to prescribe them is the trick.  Anyone?

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I did email Sunchild a suggestion....................... Sarah

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Hi Everyone,

I'm brand new to the website.  I just discovered this past weekend what has been wrong with me for decades!  I didn't find the website's "How to Find a Doctor" especially helpful though, so if there's anyone who could help me find a doctor, I'd be very grateful.  I may very well have Lyme too, but I want to make sure the doc knows CPN, and preferably porphyria. 

I live in Southern Oregon, Ashland specifically.  However, I have relatives outside of Sacramento, so anywhere in Southern Oregon or Northern California would be especially helpful.  Sacramento would be easier than the Bay Area, but I would go there, too, if someone were highly recommended.

I know I have a very long road ahead, particularly with the severe porphyria, but having found this website is going to be so helpful in getting me through the dark days.

Thank you everyone,


Leslie, Welcome!  Try Dr. Michael Powell in Sacramento.  And, check your private messages for other recommendations.  We don't post most doctor info on the open forum, but Powell is okay with it.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Lucky you!!! Here's to you getting well.


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Hi Sunchild,

Did you ever get a doctor in Florida? I am in Florida myself and looking for one as well. I'm in South Florida but would be willing to drive. Kathleen was kind enough to send me a message with the names of two doctors that work together but neither is accepting patients at this time.