I feel young(ish) again

Submitted by Moggie on Mon, 2016-10-03 11:20

I have now run out of antibiotics and I consider myself cured of MS. I still have some tinizadrole and will keep pulsing every 4 weeks unttil they run out I have done 31 pulses since I started on the protocol. I have gained stength, balance, stamina and my thinking is clearer .

  It really all started coming together this year and that coincides with the die-off symptoms stopping. I have started at the gym twice a week. I haven't lifted weights for 25 years and it feels great to be doing it again. It is my third week and am exercising on a treadmill for 10 minutes, 15 minutes on a cross-trainer, 10 minutes on a bike and 5 minutes rowing. I then use the pool and have swum 300m every time also. This from the woman who napped at least twice a day. I have been walking without my stick most of the time and have cut back on anti- inflammatories and painkillers. I used to see my elderly mother racing around the kitchen whilst I shuffled along and feel useless. Now I wish she could see the change in me. I feel 30 again and am determined to get fit  

 Not everything has been great as I've had a set back with my eye-sight. I have a mystery inflammation condition of the choroid. I had an  Avastin injection followed with steroids a week later. After four weeks fluid could still be seen so I had another Avastin injection and am now waiting to see what next. There is still a problem which is making it very difficult for me to read, write and type.

 I came to this protocol with the attitude of the only loss was to my bank balance. I missed the odd antibiotics due to feeling unwell. I have and am taking lots of supplements but will cut down as they run out. 

Here hoping everyone else has the same success

 Teresa x

Congratulations Moggie/Teresa: you have done very well!  I hope that your eye trouble clears up soon so that you can enjoy your freedom to the full.  But..............don't cut back on the supplements too much: there are certain things, like D3 and B12 that you will always need.  It is a good idea as well, to carry on with a minimum of 1000mg of N acteyl cysteine every day.................Sarah

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Hey Moggie ...

What do you mean "You feel young (ish) again"?  You are bloody young.  The only reason that I go to these oxygen dos is so that I might stand a chance of being next to these good-looking young girls like yourself.  I have even heard of you being referred to as one of the "Oxybbabes"!  Hey, I certainly hope that I end up looking as young as you when I get to 25.


Now you are obviously glad to feel well again. I am sure that that lucky husband of yours is well pleased too.  I can honestly tell you Teresa that you'd struggle to find anyone more pleased than I.  I was both pleased and relieved.  I had feared a worse case scenario whereby the protocol didn't aactually help you very much and due to the herx, you lost your precarious eyesight completely.  I feared that I would have a degree of responsibility and acquire a degree of blame. I don't believe that your current eye problems are related to the protocol at all.  I now have my own eye problems but I think that this is God's punishment to me for being such a bullshitter in a previous life.

Anyway, congratulations to you Teresa. There is a no overtaking rule but there is nobody I'd rather be overtaken

by more than you.



“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Very very happy for you moggie.


Optic Neuritis in teens. Diagnosed spms in 2001.

Started suppliments in Feb 2014 in readiness for ABX.

Started Doxy 17-04-14, Roxi 25-04-14, Full Doxy 02-05-14.

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