I can't get printer friendly version of complete handbook - server error

Hope someone can help. I am new to CPNhelp.org and i have been trying over a few months to access the printer friendly version of the handbook so that i can print it out for reading (and save it as a PDF). However, no matter which browser i used (i've tried three) i cannot get the link on the handbook page [where it says "printer-friendly version" down at the bottom] to work.  Browsers cycle for a bit and then i get a  message saying Server Error 500. Can anybody help me with this? Or maybe someone has a recent version in PDF that they can share? I would really appreciate being able to print out the manual as it is uncomfortable to spend a long time sitting at the computer - you know how it is. (I also like to scribble all over things that i read - old school, i know.)

Thank you.

I'd wait just a bit longer, Noisy.  Our web guy has us in beta-tesing now for our upgraded website, which should happen soon.  I will pass your comment on, so he can make SURE the new site is truly 'printer friendly'. 

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