I know Cpn can cause hypertension and that treatment can normalise BP levels, i have hypotension and orthostatic hypotension which is exhausting and very dangerous. My autonomic statement doesn't work well,  so naturally I'm scared of sending my BP even lower. Does anyone have experience of this? 

Hello Jane, treatment certainly can normalise BP levels, and it did with David.  However, my blood pressure was low to normal and has not changed at all.  I think David has seen people with orthostatic hypotension, which I never had luckily, getting better with treatment................Sarah

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Thank you, this makes me far less worried. Hypotension has been the most horrible symptom, in the last few years, causing fatigue and a fear of walking my dog in front of a car ... Although, as a guide dog, he shouldn't let me!

Thanks again,


MS symptoms from 2001, DX RRMS in 2008, following, a change of hospital who sent me for an MRI, precipitated by some sight loss. Took Interferons, on and off. Prescribed  chemo infusions to slow pro

Thank you Sarah. I'll let you know how it goes!

Jane x

MS symptoms from 2001, DX RRMS in 2008, following, a change of hospital who sent me for an MRI, precipitated by some sight loss. Took Interferons, on and off. Prescribed  chemo infusions to slow pro


C. pneumoniae can cause a plethora of symptoms associated with infection of the autonomic nervous system. It can indeed cause orthostatic hypotension, which will hopefully resolve with treatment. It can cause a number of chronic problems in the enteral nervous sytem. Sometimes when treating a patient with one condition, an apparently unrelated condition will unexpectedly improve. The most dramatic case I have encountered was that of a woman in her 40s who had chronic fatigue syndrome and a high specific IgA. She also had achalasia (which is thought to be due to loss of neurological control of oesophageal peristalsis.) This had been worsening for a decade and she could only swallow small but frequent amounts of liquidized food. I saw her six months into treatment. The CF was much improved. I asked about the achalasia. ‘What achalasia?’ she said, beaming. ‘Now I can eat well-chewed pizza.’ She did unusually well.

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I have ME/CFS. 

When I had it the first time I had to crawl to the bathroom and take at least an hour to get to standing. Never diagnosed with OH or POTS but def had an issue. Resolved as I got better(10 years later)... I still was prone to flare ups if I over did it or caught a virus or just did not rest enough... but my BP was more stable... When I caught whooping cough(community of antivaxxers = no herd immunity) from a patient the whole thing came back.

I was once again terrified of showers and dizzy all the time.  The Cpn treatment here did flare stuff a bit but also made me slowly better. Just a few days ago I had my best day in years. I managed to make 2 x4lb batches of bread dough. Bake 2x 1lb whole wheat loaves, bake 2 batches of soft hamberger buns, slow cook pulled pork, make 14spice rub for the pork, make homemade BBQ sauce from scratch(well I started with puree in a tin and vegies and spice), make coleslaw, cook 1lb of dried chickpeas for making hommous and make a batch of vegetable stock.  Hubby was seriously impressed as normally chopping 1 vegie leaves me wanting a rest...  

My feeling is that given the time the hypotension will resolve and except with flares during pulses will not likely be worse. That is my experience anyway - then again I'm also using enforced resting and HR monitoring to help the whole thing. 

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