hypertension due to plaque or coagulation issues

Submitted by horses12 on Fri, 2009-03-06 18:17

These last few weeks have been pretty tough to say the least. I have had the pleasure of staying in the hospital in the telemetry unit for two days as the doctors scratched their heads not knowing what was causing my hypertension. I was reluctant to go, but had no choice, as my feet were turning cyonotic and my toes swelling like red balloons.

After being placed on high blood pressure medication and sent home, the problem was still not addressed to the cause. I am keenly aware of cpn being a vascular problem, but what is going on?

Today I had my appointment with my wonderful lyme doctor and she gave me my normal cocktail of B vitamins, glutothion, and so on. When I showed her my feet and toes she was already one step ahead of me. She explained to me, that some patients like myself have a higher issue of plague or coagulation problems. This can cause severe problems with hypoxia, walking difficulties, shortness of breath, all due to poor circulation.         

With some research on her part,she told me of two things she would like to try. One is Detoxamin and the other is serratiopeptidase. These two agents are to help with plagues and detoxification. After my visit with her, I feel very optomistic.