Hypercoagulation in CFS, FMS, MCS, MPS, Lyme Disease, Thyroid, and more...

Link to information on Hypercoagulation :


Sources of TF (Transfer Factor) included within this article.

List of Related Articles on hypercoagulable state in general, is included at the end of this article.

Yes, Jeanneroz, I do make my fair share of typos it seems. Yes this is the link: 


I was surprised to find from the article that:

 Source Naturals sell the  TF under the name  "Wellness Cell Response"  product name,    but I have not tried to see if I can still find it out there and available.

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My intent is/was not to "ding" you...but rather provide the correct link.  Since I am unable to pm you to give you a heads up, I had to post this correction publicly.

I was interested in this topic as my doctor only tested my Fibrin levels and did not do a complete ISAC test (by Hemex). 

Transfer Factors have been discussed at length in the forums on prohealth.com  (you can also purchase TF products  from the prohealth.com store as well) and some of the other CFIDS groups/forums.     

Per the link provided, I was unable to find the TF brands as mentioned in the article (at least what I found at The VitaminShoppe did not list the ingredients).   There are many different brands of "Transfer Factors" out there if one "googles". 

Thanks for posting this.


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Seriously, I do make my fair share of typos and you are right the link simply did not work.      Thanks for picking up the mis-type, actually I had printed out the article and I read the c for an e on the printed page upon hand typing it into the forum topic submission.   Suppose I could get stronger bifocals and/or check things more carefully, which I always think I have done when these errors show up.  Often I correct them when I try them again my self later and as you did make another entry with the corrected information as, with all initial posts here at CPnhelp, once you send the intitial topic line in a forum topic them there is no opportunity to edit the content.  Blogs are different you have the opportunity to edit your blog space at anytime, even wipe it out completely is you so choose.  Anyway I make mistake, far fewer now that I am so much better due to these years on CPn, but sometimes I need a little kind help and thanks for providing it.   Jeanneroz you are a master googler IMHO.

Here below is the information that I had mentioned that  is within the article that may be of interest to you.    Just having folks know about the ISAC Panel is useful information in itself.   I was aware of it but I had the spelling wrong!

"5. Transfer Factor 560
Immunity Today
513A N Mur-Len
Olathe, KS 66062 USA
Ph. 1-888-217-2200; Fax 1-913-780-2317

The cost for three months (3 per day) is $450.

Animune holds the patent for transfer factor and has licensed two other companies to make and sell it. They are:

Source Naturals sells TF under the Wellness Cell Response product name.

It is available in health food stores and through online vitamin sellers such as Vitaminshoppe.com and BNatural.com

 4Life Research, LC
9850 South 300 West
Sandy, Utah 84070  1-888-454-3374                                                             4Life's prices are higher than Source Naturals price."

This does seem a little unclear but it is directly from the article.    Source Naturals brand has a number of specialty nutraceutical products, some of which I have used for years, and their prices are often better on some of these items.

If you find any good sources I hope you'll post them here for anyone else that may find that they have a hypercoagulation situation going on.   Seems it is another condition that can occur and if known and treated along with CAP can improve quality of life for some and that is what we all are about, who post regularly here, even the founding members.

I consider this website to be a rare gem out here on the internet.  A storehouse of useful important information.  The talk is important but the information available that is accurate and useful or that which can lead one to an answer that is hard to find is a true blessing for this international community.

Jeanneroz, I am so glad to know that you are well on your way to improvement, many of us have had our glitches in our treatments, our individual challenges.     I wish you and everyone here as much improvment as I have had primary from CAP but also necessary adjuncts that I have discovered through suggestions of other regular posters here whose names I have mentioned from time to time.

I write less these days, early on, these exchanges were my lifeline in many ways.  Now I am 90-95% well, I have less time to post, more energy and focus to spare and a return to a more normal life.   I do like to continue to read and learn and share some here, I have made some good friends. 

This ISAC panel information, that a contact here shared with me, is something that I found worthy of sharing and logging in the archive.   

Again, I hope that having the information out for folks to consider is important.   For myself it seems not to be one of my issue but through this website I have found suggestions that have been remarkably effective for dealing with my challenges as they have related to my challenges with an effective CAP treatment.


  • CAP(TiniOnly): 06/07-02/09 for CFS
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