Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hello everyone,
Did somebody used hyperbaric oxygen therapy or have some info regarding this therapy, as additional or alternative at standard antibiotics therapy ?

It definitely isn't an alternative to antibiotics.  Supaguy and a few others use it as an additional therapy.

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Hi Adrian!

Many MSers have hyperbaric dives, including Moggie and me on this site. I had a hyperbaric dive this afternoon (a 24 foot dive) and I believe that Moggie would have dived in the same chamber early this evening but at a deeper depth of 33 feet (seawater pressure).

When I was working, I had more dives than anyone else at our centre that year or the previous year. I was having 3 dives a week. I doubt whether there are many, if any, people in Britain that have had more than that. As I say, I kept diving and I kept working.

Moggie also presents with MS but we are very different people (but good friends). She has been diving for over 10 years and looks in pretty good shape. She says that ever since she started hyperbaric diving, she has not had a single relapse.

I don’t normally dive at 24 feet on a Monday afternoon. In the tank this afternoon was a chap that I met years ago when I first started diving. He looks just as good as years ago, if not better.

The evidence has never been gathered to show that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective at treating MS (and it has never been gathered to show that CAP is effective either). I see various people come in the tank; some of them famous people too. I am talking world-class athletes. Last year I shared a dive with two other men; neither had MS. One was Samson Lee, the Wales international rugby player and the other was Liam Williams, Commonwealth light middleweight world champion boxer. When we reached depth, I made it clear that I didn’t want to fight either of them. Liam was lean like a racing snake and I guessed, as fast as lightning. Samson was like a huge lump of jelly that would barely squeeze in the chair (though it wasn’t jelly: it was pure muscle). Liam Williams pointed out that it wouldn’t make much difference which one I fought; if Samson caught hold of me I’d be finished before I started. It’s a small tank and I decided not to start anyway.

I had dived with Samson a few times before. At the end of this dive, he turned to me, shook hands and said “I don’t suppose I’ll see you again.” Puzzled, I asked why. He explained that his ruptured Achilles tendon was now healed. Wow! He should have carried on for some more weeks, I think.

As an MSer, I am prone to falls.  I recall a few Christmases ago I had a couple of nasty falls. As a result of one of my falls, I twisted all my joints in my left foot. I was still working and still driving. Every time I pressed the clutch in, I was in bloody agony. The next day I had the last dive of the week - a 16 footer. After the dive, I drove through town; it wasn’t until I got to the other end of town that I realised that all the pain had gone. If it can do that for my foot, what’s it doing for my brain. We certainly know that hyperbaric oxygen speeds healing and I have seen proof of that.

Oh, I wrote a piece here a long while ago about a couple of experiences that I had had. I don’t really herx at all but I have herxed in the tank. I believe that those severe herxes were brought on by the oxygen accelerating the killing of germs.



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Dear MacKintosh, dear Supaguy,
many thanks for your answer,

I am from Romania and no detailed info regarding CPN can be found here. I have to apologise for my poor English skills.
I've asked about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, thinking if can be used in addition at antibiotics therapy to reduce the antibiotics dose ( let's say one week on, one week off - for one of two bacteriostatic antibiotics) in order to improve liver function. It's just a supposition, I'm not a doctor.
However, I found on internet this case, where doctors used with succes a special oxygen therapy on CPN acute respiratory distress (probably a CPN primary infection)

Supaguy, based on your feedback and the above case , I am I thinking ... maybe it will work.
I'm new here, and didn't read all threads, I have to ask you dear Supaguy if you finished a full standard treatment Protocol before using HBOT.

Definitely, I will talk next days with the doctor from Romanian Center of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. As I know, they are using oxygen therapy in a chamber at a deeper depth of 66 feet or more (+ 2 bar)

Peace and light

Adrian, what disease are you treating for? Acute respiratory distress is not MS or chronic fatigue syndrome to start off with.   If you are attempting to get rid of cpn, you don't take the antibotics one week on and one week because you are asking for resistance to develop.  My husband, Dr David Wheldon would be infuriated with anyone doing so.......................Sarah

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Dear Sarah,
I have to thank you for your response.
Fortunately, I'm not talking about MS.

The problems began 5 years ago after a pneumonia in summertime, first serious affection in my life at age 37 y. Before this I never used antibiotics, ever.
In the past years many disease symptoms became stronger, as follow:

- night sweats and high sweats at any moderate effort or even at ordinary daily activities.
- Daily cough (rare) but smoothly (I never smoked).
- Bronchiectasis in lungs - showed at CT images
- mild pain in the back - lung (in the affected area of pneumonia - 5 years ago)
- Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) - severe symptoms
- Chronic Laryngitis, recurrent sore throat, every morning - sometimes severe symptoms
- Oesophagitis - gastroesophageal reflux disease
- Irritable bowel syndrome - (IBS) - the less obvious, but real and revealed on CT images, last tear.. (symptoms started 8-10 years ago)
- Sinusitis (began 9 years ago, but decreased as symptoms in time. Also seen on X-ray images, two years ago)

I made several serologic tests and imagistic (x-ray and CT)
The only positive result (received several times, at large intervals - one year) is IgG/ IgA
- acute Chlamydia pneumoniae infection.

What is the chance that all above symptoms to became stronger and stronger, without any other accurate diagnosis ?
Furthermore, at each treatment with antibiotics for pneumonia (twice in past years), 15 days long with, Levofloxacyn many symptoms disappeared (Daily cough, CFS, Chronic Laryngitis, IBS). But, after few days or weeks, symptoms come back.

Returning to your question, I have no intention to pass or cut standard Protocols. Was just a question regarding using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to reduce (if possible) the antibiotics dose (let's say one week - of two) in order to improve liver function.
Was just a question, I'm sorry !

Peace and light

Adrian, No, you're not going to reduce your antibiotic doses by adding hyperbaric oxygen sessions.  You may lessen your reactions to treatment, though, which would still be a benefit.

As for lessening the load on your liver, we take N Acetyl cysteine for that.  It protects the liver and helps improve its function while you are under treatment.

Please read Dr. Wheldon's pages on the treatment protocol.  Where you see "MS", just substitute "cpn" in your mind.  The treatment for cpn is the SAME, no matter what your disease' is called, whether it's MS or fatigue or another so-called autoimmune disease. http://www.davidwheldon.co.uk/ms-treatment1.html


The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Hi Adrian and hi all!

I am almost sorry that I posted a lengthy piece regarding hyperbaric oxygen therapy; I fear that it has made a possibly already confused situation even more confused. I will try here to unravel some of the confusion. Please do excuse me if any of it comes across as a tad blunt.

This website is devoted to treating chronic illness caused by infection with chlamydia pneumoniae. The treatments approved of here are centred on the use of specific antibiotics in a specific dose, coupled with several essential supplements and in particular, NAC.

There are essentially two alternative drug regimes, known as the Stratton Protocol – comprising of five different antibiotics – and the Wheldon Regime – comprising three different antibiotics + NAC. In both of these regimes, bacteriostatic antibiotics are taken continuously; there is no break.

Once a patient is some months in to this treatment, a nitroimidazole drug (tinidazole or metronidazole) is introduced ramping up to five days on and 21 days off … but all the time the bacteriostatic drugs are taken, as prescribed.  Various people here on these pages do various things and take various treatments but all the while, they take their bacteriostatic drugs. Failure to keep taking those bacteriostatic drugs can lead to antibiotic resistant strains of infection taking hold … and none of us want that, do we?

As I just said, various people do various things - additional things – that they perceive as aiding their path to wellness. This could include additional supplements or some other magic bullet. Yesterday I saw a spiritual healer. As yet I am not healed. The fact that I saw this person did not alter the antibiotics that I took. Yesterday I had a hyperbaric dive. The fact that I had a hyperbaric dive did not mean that I altered the drugs that I was taking; all these things are additional to the Combined Antibiotic Protocol that we here on these pages are engaged in.

Now, back to the issue of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I have MS, and that’s my reasoning for doing all this. In the UK, many people with MS have hyperbaric oxygen to relieve their symptoms. Hyperbaric oxygen is not claimed by anyone to be a cure for MS.

In the UK, many MS Therapy Centres administer hyperbaric oxygen. The have over 30 years’ experience of doing this treatment. They have well established guidelines and protocols. In the UK, MS Therapy centres dive to varying depths up to 33 feet – and no more. Other establishments that treat things like the bends, acute carbon monoxide poisoning, gas gangrene etc. may be treated at far deeper depths. Our rule of thumb states that a patient is given several successive sessions in close proximity. The depth is increased after several sessions in 8 foot increments until the patient feels benefit … and then no deeper. The deepest that our centres go to is 33 feet.

 For me, I have always tended to dive at this maximum depth – not because that depth was right for me – but because it fitted in with work. Of recent times, I have had 33 foot dives and I have been worse afterwards … hence yesterday I dived at 24 feet. It may well be that the best depth for me is 16 feet. I know I have felt benefit before from 16 feet.

What we would not do at any of our centres is just stick someone in to a 33 foot dive straight off. I have no idea of the rationale behind sticking you in a 66 foot dive; it could be that your best depth is in fact 16 feet.  I am not in a position to give in depth comment about what they intend to do with you or to you there in Romania; I am not acquainted with their science or their logic. As Sarah points out, we are not even aware of what condition you are trying to treat.

I hope that his has been helpful and cleared any confusion.



“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Thank you everyone.

Definitely I understood that the treatment Protocol cannot be intermittent or stopped,
Additional to my concerns regarding liver function, now it appeared a serious trouble. I have to explain:
The problem it seems to be a secondary effect of antibiotics (Azithromycin and/or Doxycycline ) in my case.
After 28 days treatment for a pneumonia (Levofloxacin and Azithromycin), - very well tolerated but also with unexpected very good effects regarding CPN symptoms (e.g. IBS, CFS, Chronic sore throat etc.), I've continued with a Wheldon Protocol - Doxycycline (once per day) and Azithromycin (once at 2 days). - very well tolerated first 10 days.
Then (six days ago), after 1-2 hours from Azithromycin dose I had a eye blood vessel burst (right eye), first in my life. I've talked with ophthalmologist and have no idea what's happened, I received just a local treatment of the symptoms. Next days I continued the Protocol. But, after every dose of antibiotics I felt a light pressure in the right eye area, plus a head pressure - feels like a had inflammation from blowing in the wind or like a sinusitis (I am afraid to be real one, fungal or other).
The symptoms disappear after many hours or next morning and come back after an antibiotics dose.

The blood pressure is good (like 120/74 @60 pulse) - measured many times, daily.
However, I read that Doxycycline doing side effects - increased pressure inside the skull--severe headaches, ringing in your ears, dizziness, nausea, vision problems, pain behind your eyes;
But, this happens with Azithromycin, too.

I don't like to stop the Protocol after many days of antibiotics, but, to be honest, I am affraid by increased pressure inside the skull and eye. I will talk with my doctor, but just Monday.

If you have any ideea or advice, please respond me.

Adrian, I am sorry to learn of these difficulties that you describe – particularly those to your eyes. Of all the difficulties that people experience the fear of losing one’s sight has got to be the most terrifying. Whatever is said here, it is only the opinions of others. It is for you to listen to your body and follow your gut instinct.

This site has been going for well over ten years. There are posts and threads on all sorts of issues – including several on Hyperbaric Oxygen. I have written several pieces featuring that subject myself.

In the top right hand corner of the page, you will see a “Search” box. Type in “Hyperbaric Oxygen” in there and you will see lots of threads and posts come up.

The manager of our centre is a lovely lady. She is as wise as she is clever. I am fairly certain that if she heard the story of the trouble that you’d been experiencing with pressure and your eyes, there’s no way she’d allow you to dive in our hyperbaric tank … not even at 8 feet, let alone 66 feet.

I really do wish you the very best of luck, Adrian and I hope that you find your way to wellness.

Good luck.



“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Thank you Supaguy, I will take your advice into account. Definitely I have a lot to search onto this forum.
Unfortunately, due of difficulties that I described (probably long-term side effects antibiotics), today I've stopped the Protocol, even I have not permission of my physician.
It feels like the mild back pain come back. I am so sorry.....
Tomorrow I want to make several serologic tests (for leukopenia, liver function, kidney function, etc.)
Best wishes,