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Doctor Manford Returned to his Chair. ‘I’m sorry: your wife is finished.’‘Oh. What do you mean?’ ‘She’s finished.’ He paused. ‘Get herTo a Nursing Home. I can recommend one.’ ‘Thank you. She’s an artist.’‘That’s all over,’ he said. ‘And now you have a fee to pay,’ he said.Sarah drew out her cheque-book. ‘How much?’ ‘Sixty Pounds.’Sarah wrote out the cheque Somewhat laboriously.‘You see,’ said the neurologist, In the past I’ve had to makeRecourse to a debt-collecting agency.  

How trenchant, but real...

"...‘And now you have a fee to pay,’ he said..."





On CAPs:12/01/2005 till March 2013; 20 years CFS,IBS, fibromyalgia; about 10 years chronic sinusitis, laryngotracheitis, from 2002 hoarseness; from 2003 - v.s. lumbosacral meningoradiculitis, hypertension... 

Very good, David!

PPMS-misdiagnosed 2001-diagnosed 2006. Probably caught cpn in birth canal but it didn't pass BBB until my 40s. Minocycline 7 mos.- resulting bronchitis 5 months.Go to private m.d. out-of-plan. Wheldon CAP 3/2/07 Stopped 12/12; resumed 12/13

How lucky for your wife that you had the profession you  had, and a mind that could cope with thinking the way you did, and thanks for sharing it all with us. When I read "Catman"'s story, it gives me a glimmer of hope, but what you and Sarah did showed the way for so many. Thanks again!


Cant wait to get rid of my MS. I will miss that lovely buzzing inside my head all the time, but sacrifices has to be made?


Thanks, Thorleif. It is quite true; there is no poetic licence. He did mention a debt-collecting agency. I was devastated. Thankfully the treatment worked.

(Sarah sends him a print of one of her art works occasionally. He hasn't acknowledged one.)


D W - [Myalgia and hypertension (typically 155/95.) Began (2003) taking doxycycline and macrolide and later adding metronidazole. No medication now. Morning BP typically 110/75]

Thanks again, David and Sarah

We all have much gratitude for you both.  

My own doctor has always said that he has never met a "normal" neurologist.  I also say that I have great gratitude for him, too.   These wonderful, brave people - you included - go way out on a limb for us and it is paying off.


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