High BP and spells

I have been on CAP antibiotics since 06', but was also treating lyme with various other antibiotics, including Rifampin. This past year I finally was feeling about 90%, working full time and in the gym 4 days a week with no post exertional fatigue. However, recently i have been under alot of stress with work, relationship and my workout routine was more intense. About 7 weeks ago I began having episodes of sudden weakness, spasms of pain in my head, TIA symptoms, pallor, jittery/shaky feeling, sweating, chest pain. This often happens when lifting something heavy (bearing down) or climbing stairs. Even after leaning down and pulling on my boots. My Blood Pressure has also frequently been elevated at recent Dr visits at 140-160/85-90, but at home averages more like 125/78 upon waking to 140/90 in the afternoon. It tends to spike to scary levels when under stress. Curiously, these symptoms with exertion appeared in late 09' and then went away. I was on a maintenance dose of Minocin (100mg 2x daily) for the last 5 months and discontinued it 2 weeks ago to see if maybe it was some sort of intracranial pressure side effect, but I am still getting these episodes. A recent stress test (and past CT angio in 06') was normal. Recent Echo showed mild dilation in left atrium and all else normal. Possible PFO. Follow up TEE showed everything normal and ruled that out. Neuro did an MRA/MRI of brain which was entirely normal (born with a Circle of Willis apparently), as was past MRA/MRI from 09' when I had these episodes. Old MRI showed some mild white matter changes, but none on there now. Neuro thinks this could be migraine related, however I am not getting headaches. These are typically exertional and more like "spells". Because of the elevated Blood Pressure he and the cardiologist want to put me on Verapamil and see how I do. I hate to take BP meds if at all possible. I am thinking this could be my adrenals (trying some neurotransmitter supplements to calm me down) or my BP. One other thing is that my Lyme Dr. never gave me Flagyl along with the Doxy/Zithromax combo. He did mix in Rifampin for 5 months and then Cipro for a few months. So perhaps if I had done the Flagyl my BP would be better? The only symptoms left (from 100's before) are: -Spells as described - waking at night feeling asphyxiated (spells) - like cardiac asthma? But I don't have heart failure? - Cold hands and feet -Night sweats - Irregular heart beats related to swallowing, position. Seem to be related to digestion. -Episodes of intense anxiety - Gas after all carbs I would love some advice from anyone re: spells and possibilities. Not sure whether to try the BP med or not. Currently not on antibiotics. Thanks!

Hello, Mycoplasma1,

This is a simplistic question, but how is your gut?  Yeast levels/situation?  The heart, anxiety, gas, etc. could be caused by something going on there (considering everything tested normal).......just a thought. 

I have followed your posts over the years hear and have often wondered why you were never given Flagyl or Tini.... I remember you never really did a "pulse" per se"; but then, you were being treated a bit differently than most of us here.   Rifamin is one of the big guns but someone else may have better input on it's efficacy in the  protocol  you have followed.

It's frustrating when these new problems pop up out of nowhere, I hope you get it figured out.

Keep us posted.


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I am sorry to read about your frightening symptoms. I wonder if the antibiotics you were given drove Cpn into the cryptic form. Rifampin is indeed a big gun. Before I started CAP I had blood pressure at times 150/100 and shortly before I started CAP an erratic heartbeat. I hope you get to the bottom of this quickly.

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I wonder if the stress is just suppressing your immune system and letting the infections start to build again?? Are you taking high dose Vitamin D?  Have you tried Lauricidin?

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My gut is very gassy. I am starting Olive Leaf Extract for yeast. I suspect SIBO is the cause though, or perhaps enterovirus in the gut. I do feel well otherwise. I am talking with my Dr. about starting Flagyl with the other abx and seeing whether that helps. I would suspect the Rifampin, Zith, Doxy would have done the job however and after reading recent posts by Jim etc...on this board am wondering whether other infections need to be treated. Will look into Lauricidin. Thanks all.
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