High B12 blood work results

this is in reply to hmccormack and their high b12 result

i too had so very high b12 reading over 1300... I was taking B12 supplements so I expected it to be high but still felt off in energy and just not feeling right! its water soluble vitamin and what isn't used is excreted out but I had a little voice saying that there was something more behind this reading. After doing some research I found that with some infections the cells don't uptake B12 and dumps it into the bloodstream... so you are not getting much from supplementing B12. Lithium orate supplementation corrects this issue. After supplementing with L/O for a while still taking my B12 vitamin I repeated my blood work and it returned to nornal levels of 500-600. I also felt a lot better.

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I'm glad to hear you made that connection Darren.  Amy Yasko rates LO highly for methylation difficulties.  Helps the grey matter grow back in too.  Irene 

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.  I was quite surprised when my reading was 999.  When I researched it went on about liver and kidney failure?  I went into panic mode thinking I was falling apart?

Sometimes the internet can be a frightening place if you start typing in symptoms... I do always say that it is always very important to do a complete body check of yourself every six months to make sure whatever treatment you are on that all your organs are coping with it and no other damage is occurring due to treatment.. it's also helpful as a progress map of oneself.

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the high B12 in sick people is reasonably well documented. we need to look at MMA levels as well. Often people find supplementing with B12 helps to clear out the "spacejunk" B12 & get the active stuff cycling. So yes supplementing with B12 brings the level down!

I have just ordered some Lithium - will be interesting to see how that goes :-)

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As far as I remember the lithium orarate comes in 5mg tabs so you take 3 tabs per day=15mg

i copied Terry Wahls and the doses she used but she didn't use it for B12 absorbsion into the cells but for grey matter in brain! I emailed her and asked her that question and that was her response to me!

but within a short period of time that overwhelming feeling of sitting at the edge of a cliff or for no reason whatsoever feeling like pending doom was around the corner passed .. my levels when way down and were within range so the L/O must have done the trick! I do take L/O for a month every six months now but am not on it full time...



The Greatest Risk of all is Not taking the Risk...

Yes, that seems to be a methylation issue - I have it also. Tried Lithium and didn't do well on it - perhaps I will try again and thank you. Although, I read that different forms of B-12 will be absorbed properly depending on your methylation scheme.

Yes, my serum B12 has permanently been high off the scale (>2000) but with all the symptoms of B12 deficiency.  It's definitely worth trying to get an Active B12 test if you can, as that's a better reflection of what is going on, as it measures Holotranscobalamin, which is the only form of B12 taken up and used by cells.

I spent years trying all the methylation stuff and the different forms of B12.  The thing which really seemed to make a difference was discovering that my lithium level was so low that it was undetectable.  Supplementing lithium orotate seems to be helping me loads - probably because lithium is needed to get the B12 into the cells.

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