help again

Submitted by Lynnp on Sat, 2009-10-03 17:15
Well, here I am again asking questions!  I have been really sick for about a week now.  I've been blaming the ragweed (it's horrible here from mid-August to 1st frost usually in November) but I think my right sinus is infected again.  I spent 18 years straight on every antibiotic I think that was ever made!  After I started the abx last October I haven't had a sinus infection.  I am still on everything but what if I add a rocephin shot to the mix?  My gp might give me one or two.  I've had to have endoscopic cultures done of my right sinus for years.  Otherwise, it's like a shot in the dark trying to kill an infection.  I've probably got lots of mutated bugs from all the years of one antibiotic after another.  I'm sure if I went to an ent doc (ear, nose,throat) he wouldn't put me on another antibiotic with what I'm already on.  Maybe I can just call my doc (that put me on the protocol) and see what he says.  It's still going to be guesswork though.  I am really discouraged now.  I really thought I had beaten the constant sinus infections.

Another question - what about starting the Flagyl again?  It does kill anerobic infections.  Last time I took it I felt better.  I've been taking it for 10 day pulses once a month.  Should I try for 15 days????

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Sorry you are feeling lousy with the sinus infection.  I am afraid I don't have any suggestions for you.  But just wanted to share this-my daughter (age 16) has had recurrent sinus infections since age 2.  She has had 2 sinus surgeries.  For a while after each surgery the sinuses would be clear.  But gradually the infections would return.  The ENT she sees now (and has been seeing for 6 years) sent her to an immunologist/allergist for immunologic studies.  We just went yesterday for the blood work.  We will see what the studies show.  But I think it is interesting that they are looking at her immune system.  Although they know about my MS I don't think either of them are really taking that into consideration.  Apparently the new thinking is that there is some relation to the immune system and recurrent infections (duh!)  I am anxious to see what these studies show.

Hope you feel better!


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I feel for your daughter.  I had 12 sinus isurgeries and had to have 3 tear duct surgeries.  I am again on allergy shots.  In my case my immune system is just overloaded with too much.  Probably allergy shots would help your daughter.  I've just started them up again myself.

FMS/CFS 1995. tinnitus, ibs, sinusitis, EBV, NAC 2400mg, valtrex, cortef, armour, doxy, biaxin, tini, vita c 5 - 10,000 daily