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Submitted by Lynnp on Wed, 2009-09-23 13:42

I have been on the protocol for about 1 yr now.  I felt better the first of August while taking 10 days of Flagyl.  Then ragweed season started.  Feel horrible again.  Swollen, toxic, achy, yeasty, hot and flushed, exhausted, which is the fibro and yeast is worse.  I started back on allergy shots (took for 15 years) but it takes months for it to help.  I'll start feeling better after the first frost.  In Memphis that could take til late November!  I am beginning to wonder if I have some fungal something because  the Flagyl seems to help now.  Would make sense because I was on continous antibiotics for chronic sinusitis for 18 yrs before CAP. 

Possibly the fungus makes the yeast worse but it must be something other than candida because I've been on Diflucan  this time for the whole time on the CAP.  100mg once a day.  Still get yeast.  My doc prescribed (sorry guys) Estrace cream for insertion.  She said that area of yeast could be caused by lower estrogen after menopause.  It works but you have to do it 2-3 times a week.  I hate being old.  Of course when I turned 50 my son said "you are old Mom" and I said "you are only 18 yrs behind me".  I can't wait until he turns 40!  I think I'll mail him something each day  leading up to his bday, Geritol, stool softner, old eyeglasses, hair color, etc.  That would be great! 

Lynnp, I have heard it commented from somewhere that Biaxin (clarithromycin) is particularly effective for the respiratory tract, have you ever considered asking for a change from the azithromycin?    I am not sure how fungus can make yeast worse but since I have not had either I have not widely read on these subjects.  Wish I had some suggestions for you, perhaps someone else can be helpful with this.

Many of us here are on the older side of young! 

Have you had a nasal culture recently to determine what might be a factor in that way?

Do you take medication for your seasonal allergies?  Are molds a factor for you and do you use a dehumidifier in your living space? Nicer not to have to take more medications them but sometimes necessary.  

Sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly just now.   I guess I thought that in general you were feeling better from the content of your other post.

Thanks for responding to my comment on your other posted question.  Glad to know that you are still on the CAP.    Louise

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You're not old!!!  You may be getting older, but you're not there yet!Image removed.

Mary Ann

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Lynnp I have had the yeast problem for the whole time I have been on the protocol 7 months now and can't get rid of it at all.It's worse through the Flagil which is knocking me for six.I think my doctor has run out of ideas.I was told not to eat mushrooms etc because fungus makes the yeast worst.I really don't think it's an age issue.I'm about to turn 40.Keep on plodding on.

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Hi Lynn,

Sorry you are experiencing all of this. Having just gone through similar issues 2 weeks ago, I can relate.

Because of my extreme respiratory issues, I  investigated Biaxin, thinking perhaps it may be more advantageous over Azith and  decided to stay with Azith as the research I found indicated that Azith penetrates better and is (percentage-wise) more effective than Biaxin. In reading your previous posts (Nov of 2008) it looks like you already tried it?    

Your post caught my eye because I notice you, too, are on Cortef (assuming for adrenal insufficiency).  I have been taking it about 1.5 years and have been trying to determine if this drug is potentiating the CPN and possibly hindering my recovery. Almost as if the ABX isn’t keeping the CPN in check (i.e., the Cortef potentiating the CPN).    From my past episodes I have found that increasing the Axith and taking Tindamax has gotten it back on track, it appears my episodes are most likely CPN related. (There was a discussion link on this quite some time ago.)  But I cannot stop taking it and have tried to wean off, but my adrenals are not cooperating.  It feels as if my histamine levels get extremely high......

Were you taking the Cortef before you started ABX? 

I was lucky on the protocol until a few months ago, but am now battling the yeast, too. Am taking the remedies listed in the "Reactions and Remedies" section (Olive Leaf extract, Oil of Oregano) and using bentonite clay, capryol oil, and psyllium. 

Anyway, you’re not alone….hang in there.  (Misery loves company J) and like cures if we find them!  Hope you start feeling better.



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Phaffa, are there other dietary modifications that have been recommended by your doctor to help beyond the abstinance from mushrooms that you could share?
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Yes I have to stay away from nuts and soya sourse and teas herbal etc I fight with this one though and do have one or two cups a day..I have been on a salicylates free diet since I started on the protocol which is very hard but i think it has helped with some symptoms.I was interested to read yesterday about olive leaf.I stopped taking it about 6 weeks or so ago and this in truth is when my thrush became worse well continues really,I was getting short periods without it before.So I am back on to it today even though it makes me gag.I am guessing we are to be cursed with this until we can stop the antibiotics.I think I find this one of the hardest parts of it all as it really effects my husband to.Anyway hope this helps,hang in there.

sunshinecoast Australia.Fibromyalga suffer recently informed I have CPN started on Doxy 50ml twice a day 21.2.09 

Thanks for all the comments.  Molds are the worse for me - horrible in the fall.  Took Biaxin for a long time.  tried the special carb diet for a while.  The Estrace helps a little.  I take acidophulis.  Also I started the cortef same time as the CAP.  I might try some Olive Leaf extract.  But I think the Flagyl makes me feel better.  I don't know, it may have caused a flareup of the yeast.  It has a tendency to do that.


Eating mushrooms years ago gave me hives and since then the molds are really bad.  I loved fried mushrooms and never had any problems before.  I think stress made me sick.  During my 2nd marriage I started with the allergies, then chronic sinus infections, then fibro.  I have an ent tell me 3 years ago that I had yeast in my sinuses and would have to use Amphotericin B nasal wash the rest of my life.  I've had many kinds of fungal infections in my right sinus near my eye so that may never go away.  ABX doesn't help that problem either.  Oh well, endurance, run the race, fight the good fight!  Keep trucking on!  Etc.

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