27 Apr 2018

Having trouble finding a Dr. in Florida


I have severe adult onset asthma. I'm on the standard steroids, inhalers, etc.. Every Doctor I see refuses to look at the research I have gathered on the subject. Much less order any tests that will prove that this is bacterial in nature. I'm miserable and at my wits end. I may drive the 1000 miles to see Dr. Wagshul in Ohio. But time and money are at a premium right now. Any suggestions are appreciated.


And here is another living proof, like Trish:  I did have adult onset asthma, yet it wasn't at the forefront of my mind, unlike my MS, which had progressed so far in the two years that it had changed to secondary progressive that I could no longer work as a fine-artist.  That was my main concern.  However, before thee following spring, about seven or eight months since starting treatment. I was no longer needing to use my inhaler.  In fact, that winter had been remarkably cough free, but I hadn't even noticed until afterwards!

Completed Stratton/Wheldon regime for aggressive secondary progressive MS in June 2007, after four years, three of which intermittent.   Still improving bit by bit and no relapses since finishing treatment.

Has anyone responded with a recommendation of a doctor in Florida.  I am unable to find anyone who will even take a look at the research. I got a cold that was so bad that I quit smoking and feel like I’ve had a cold ever since ... low grade fever fatigue coughing etc 

any help would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise I may have to travel to a dr in Ohio

Got bad cold and quit smoking.  Have been sick with respiratory infections ever since and severe asthma exacerbations.  Always running a low-grade fever, constantly fatigued,

Please contact Dr. David Hahn to get a referral... He has a book out called “ a cure for asthma? What your doctors aren’t telling you”.  He should be able to get you a referral in Florida. Please make sure to take Dr. Weldon’s protocol with you though. Dr Hahn seems to think it only takes one anabiotic to fix what’s wrong with us. He’s a wonderful man but his research was a bit more limited than what Dr. Stratton and Dr. Weldon have done. He’ll at least get you in contact with the doctor willing to listen and work with you.  Believe me you want more than just a cure for your asthma. It’s important to get this bacteria out of our system or it will lead to further problems. I am living proof. 


2003 Asthma diagnosis - 2004 took doxycycline per Dr. David Hahn work - asthma free. 2014 developed upper body myalgia/arthritis and asthma returned. Dec 2015 c pneumonia bloodwork IGG titer 1:512. Took 6 months of doxy for asthma flare up - again asthma gone but myalgia stayed. Dec 2017, extreme fatigue started. Emailed Dr. Wheldon. Research on - Jan 2, 2018 started Wheldon protocol.

Florida folks, please private-message some info!!It may take a bit of time, since everyone doesn't check in regularly, but you should get a couple of referrals soon. Wink  Meanwhile, if you haven't already, starting on NAC and Vitamin D3 should be of some help to you.

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