Has anyone taken "Virastop" with their antibiotics?

I have been taking Virastop twice a day with my Doxycycline.


I know you aren't supposed to take calcium supplementsi with it, so I thought I might be screwing up.

I noticed in the ingredient list for Virastop it says "mineral blend". 

It doesn't specifcally say calcium though.


Does anyone know anything about Virastop?

Why not simply move it two hours away from Doxyi?


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Generally, any minerals should be taken apart from antibioticsi. I take calcium, magnesium, selenium, iron (rarely), etc., at night and antibiotics in the morning.

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Unless you have an incredibly sluggish digestive system, everything passes through the stomach within two hours, which is why it is best to take minerals like calcium two hours or more apart from doxycycline.  You can drink a small glass of milk with it though, to avoid stomach upset. ..................Sarah

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