27 Apr 2018

Good Results.....(knock on wood!!)


Maybe it is too early for me to say this but I think I am haiving fairly good results, and I am only on the NAC and Vit D3 (aside from my regular multivitamin) I dont post alot, so I will tell you my situation. I have rosacea and sharp eye pains, and graves disease which is in remission.I started NAC (2400mg) a few months ago, and added to that Vit.



Hi Eveningdream,

Waking up without bumps is pretty wonderful, huh?    

I actually first did the antibiotics, but then gave them up in favor of high-dose Vit D3 + NAC for a period, and I improved greatly while on just NAC and Vit D3 alone as I worked myself up to 10,000iu of Vit D3 over a period of 14 months or so (it's actually been @ 24 months since I first started taking at least 4,000iu of Vit D3 per day).  In fact I'm feeling so much better now that I've decided to add the antibiotics back in intermittently since all reactions have pretty much died down on the NAC+high-dose Vit D3. 

Judging by the minimal reactions that I had on my recent first intermittent pulse (compared to the reactions I was gettting to pulses while on only 4000iu of Vit D3 almost 18 months ago), I've made much improvements on the NAC + high-dose Vit D3 therapy.   So, I believe NAC + high-dose Vit D3 treatment did work to help reduce what is presumably a Cpn infection in my case...

Anyway, congratulations on your increasing health.  This is wonderful news!

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Eveningdream, This is remarkable and deserves to be full story in a blog for others to see.  Would you be willing to start a blog and document your jounrney.  I see that you have posted in forums several times over the past 4 months.  I for one, would like to hear more.  Thanks for considering my request.  I will be watching for any comments you are willing to make.

So wonderful to hear about your current level of improvement.  Louise

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