God herself has spoken

I think that things for CAPers will get harder and harder.  There is a great crusade against the use of antibiotics.  God herself has now spoken.  Doctors in the UK and elsewhere will be looking over their shoulders to check that authorities don’t accuse them of prescribing antibiotics inappropriately.  In the video below you will hear England’s Chief Medical Officer tell you what’s causing the problem: yes, men!


Our government’s advisory body on prescribing – NICE – is recommending that GPs should be given individual reports on their antibiotic prescribing.  Clearly, that’d be a prelude to naming and shaming in front of their peers and employers … no pressure there, then.


With that sort of pressure, how ill would a British GP need to be to prescribe antibiotics for months on end … let alone years (Lucky Irene, get yourself cured quick … or lock your GP in a safe).

Most people haven’t got the wherewithal, let alone the bottle to go and buy their own meds.  Most people just don’t realise that it is possible, let alone legal (which it is in the UK).

The phrase that seems to govern allopathic medicine today is consensus.  It is consensus medicine that is practiced and licenced.  The consent and consensus is not between the doctor and the patient but between the doctor and his peers (provided that conforms to The Establishment’s norms).

If a doctor tries something and it works, that is irrelevant.  I believe that sort of nonsense is called empiricism.  If a treatment is shown to fail or be of no benefit, so long as it forms part of the mainstream consensus, then it’s good to continue.  The fact that the patient deteriorates is also irrelevant.  The idea that MS is caused by a bacterial infection certainly does not sit alongside consensus medicine.

Jeez, I’ve been unable to get tini for ages; I think Sally’s stamped on my supply already.  I’ll have to try and borrow off of Moggie!



So very alarming Supaguy. I realise I'm lucky with having a real Doctor - who listens, has an open mind and a smart brain, and who isn't bound by rules made by the ignorant.  I ask for as little as possible so that her head isn't above the parapet. 

I had some spare Tini aside for a rainy day but just donated them to my brother.  He was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago, and is a lot worse than me.  He is going to start CAP on his return from holiday and I hope he will join the site.  His brain is too far gone to do all this himself - it would give me great pleasure to assist him on his recovery.  So you just missed a Tini parcel coming your way Supaguy, sorry, but it has gone to a good cause.


Hey Lucky Irene,


I am actually glad that I missed out on you giving me the meds that I need.  Your very ill brother will be in greater need and won't be in a position to sort himself out.  I wish your brother very good luck indeed and hope that smooth journeys run in the family.  For my part, I only have the smooth talk.

I am in the fortunate position in that, if I'm pushed, I can pick up a private script and get it dispensed at Boots.  It'll cost more than my usual route but, hey-ho, I'm due a lottery win this very week.

I have been avoiding pulsing since I got flu back at the end of last year.  As it happens, I have enough tini for half a pulse - I don't know whether that really counts.  It is a hard feeling ... knowing there's all these others, snapping at my heels.  There's the likes of Jam only, a whisp away and then there's the likes of what were newbies such as Moggie on pulse 5 already.  I'll be quite glad when I'm cured and won't feel pressured to pulse.

On more serious note, and talking of pressure, the pressure seems to already be on doctors not to prescribe abx for anything (judging by the comments in that 2nd link).



“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln

Hi Supaguy, there is an issue just now around the supply of Tinidazole, according to the pharmacist who was only able to dispense part of my script.  I think all these CAPpers have used up the world's supply.  Let's try and get well before things get more difficult.  Irene


Your heels are quite safe for the moment Superguy, I like e/o just wish it would all end!  

I take a bashing at times when I pulse and if not pulsing I am falling, this time not even walking.  Just transfer from my powerchair to sofa when my leg gave out and I fell.  I am left with a LARGE haematona on my thigh.  So I am glad to have finished a pulse but the way I feel, I won't be hurrying in to the next.

I am on Metro and thinking maybe I should swap, but from what is being said, I may struggle to get the tini. I may be best to stick with the Metro?

Hang in there all.  


Hey Jam ...

Really sorry that you're taking such a bashing.  Do you know the good thing about getting a bashing from metronidazole is that you then know that it's working.  Mind, I'd advise anyone to make tini their first choice.  What - can't get any?  Just ask Moggie to drop you a strip off for you too; after all, you’re only 11,687 miles away from here.

In an earlier post, I mentioned people that'll be in my prayers tonight.  Jam, you are one of those people.  May things soon start to improve for you / us and all of us.



“Don't believe everything you read on the internet.”

―    Abraham Lincoln