Friend has a very hard time but coping!

Submitted by Mariapatri on Thu, 2008-07-31 20:32

Hi, this friend of mine, and probably friend of many of you - because he's been in this site way before it started- sent me a short message, telling me his last "news". It is a difficult situation but he has the most strong spirit of the planet! And, due to his current condition, he won't be physically answering to your comments, but would be very thankful for your love and care; and for sure your good wishes will help him a lot! (I am also sure you all can write him nicer messages than me, limited with my short English...) Thank you for sharing and helping. Here is his message, he is MnMs: Hello, Has been a very long time since I was on line here... Many pit falls since.. My mother getting ill and passing away.. Then my father dyeing suddenly 94 days later. 2 weeks later being told my PSA was elevated.. 3 months after that finding out I have prostate cancer... Next week I will have the prostate removed.. While still coping with CFID's... Life goes on so holding on...
Thank you MnMs for writing, sharing and holding on! We are here for you!


Wow, when it rains it pours!  You are taking the right steps in getting rid of this horrible beast within before it creates anymore chaos & havoc!

My prayers are with you as you move forward to better health!




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Okay? My post wishing him well has flat-out disappeared???

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Please do, please wish him well.  He must be having the surgery or after the surgery...  please pray with me.  This guy needs some happiness!!!!

(he responded to one of my posts here  and I feel he is my dearest friend now!) 

Thank you all.

God bless you 

God bless you all.

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