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Last Call for Website Problems...

Submitted by Jim K on Mon, 2008-06-23 17:46

Okay, now that we've had a little work-in time:

Any remaining problems? Please put ONLY problems here, no appreciations or extraneous comments, as I have to get these in a list for the developer.

Some notes:

  • Theme- They will try to restore the Fancy theme, as I've noted we will eventually have a facelift that will render it obsolete, but everyone has been used to it.
  • Bookmarks- There's a chance we will get these restored.
  • Rich Text Editor- Seems to be working, mostly, but any problems?

I can't get printer friendly version of complete handbook - server error

Submitted by Noisy on Fri, 2017-06-09 16:09

Hope someone can help. I am new to and i have been trying over a few months to access the printer friendly version of the handbook so that i can print it out for reading (and save it as a PDF). However, no matter which browser i used (i've tried three) i cannot get the link on the handbook page [where it says "printer-friendly version" down at the bottom] to work.  Browsers cycle for a bit and then i get a  message saying Server Error 500. Can anybody help me with this? Or maybe someone has a recent version in PDF that they can share? I would really appreciate being able to print out the manual as it is uncomfortable to spend a long time sitting at the computer - you know how it is.


Submitted by MacKintosh on Fri, 2017-01-13 17:32

UPDATE - Our excellent webfixer is going to be working on a comprehensive upgrade to the site. You have a reprieve, for a month, at least, but PLEASE start saving anything you might lose in the transition.

Hi, everyone - it's coming!

The cpnhelp website is about to be upgraded.  This should happen in a couple of weeks and I'll post the date as soon as our web guy schedules it.

 While we hope there will be no disruption or loss of information, there are never any guarantees, so, please DO THIS NOW.

1. SAVE any links or documents you might have bookmarked or highlighted

2. Collect any critical information you might have in your private messages

Cpn Help Lite

Submitted by hwebb on Thu, 2017-01-05 22:34

Hi there. 

I have multiple sclerosis and have gained so much from this forum - thank you to the creators and contributors.

Having a neurological disease, I've found my cognition to be a real limiting factor in getting the info I need at the time I need. Because of this, I created a companion website containing the info I've found most useful on this forum.

Feel free to share the link with anyone in need:


Surely, that post should say 200 mg of doxycycline and not 100 mg

Submitted by supaguy on Wed, 2016-10-26 16:36

Hey ....

I tried to post against Michele's entry but was unable to.

Does that Entry mean that I have been overdosing on doxycycline by 100% for the last three years or so or is there an error in the text?   It is my understanding that the Wheldon protocol advises that dosage of doxycycline is ultimately 200 milligrams per day!



How about a List of Clinics and Physicians and other CPN Experts.

Submitted by nkemzi2006 on Mon, 2015-04-13 17:15

I have just being diagnosed with CPN. Unfortunately my physician is not aware of most of the information on this site and is instead trying to convince me that it is nothing for me to worry about. According to him, the CPN is only an indication that I once had the virus but that since I have no symptotms of the virus it must mean that I was I was completely healed from the initial infection. This is despite the fact that I have been complaing and suffering from most of the symptoms of chronic fatigue for almost 10 years now.