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Quick poll on reactions to CAP meds across 24 hour period

Submitted by Jim K on Thu, 2008-03-20 08:53

Trying to sort out what reactions might be due to for Daisy's husband in a recent thread made me think: "We've never gathered any data for reactions from time of dosing."

So I threw together a quick survey to see if we get any patterns.

Click on the Reactions By Hour survey.

It asks that you have observed for two days, so take a look at what's being asked but don't fill out the survey until you have your 2 days of observations! 

Yes, yes, I know that there will be things wrong with it, and some questions missing, etc., etc.. Just do it to the best of your ability. 

Flagyl (metronidazole) versus Tinidazole (Tinactin): differential responses?

Submitted by Jim K on Sat, 2006-06-24 19:11

As we have more people on the CAP protocols longer, our community is accruing clincal priceless experience with the different medications used and course of improvement and diffficulties on the CAP. One of these areas for observation and discussion has been use of Tinidazole versus Flagyl, and it's effect on treatment and course of recovery. There has been another thread discussing these, but I thought it was time to restart the discussion now that a number of people have experienced switching back and forth between these meds. So my own comments (posted on Rica's blog also) below.

Tini vs Flagyl-- interesting questions.

I have to say, after doing Tini since pulse 3 and then trying Flagyl again for my last pulse (pulse 16) they do have different effects. Not just different side effects. It is possible, as our clinical experience accumulates, that there could even be good reason to do courses of both, or alternate them for pulses.


Submitted by Agatha1 on Sun, 2018-07-15 16:19
Hello everyone I haven't been on the forum for some years as I have been getting on with having a happy and active life after doing the Wheldon protocol for MS back in 2009-11. My MS (which was becoming quite aggressive in 2008) has been in total remission since then - no new symptoms and no new MRI lesions. However, a few weeks ago I contracted a new chest infection (symptoms typical of CPN) and I could tell that the MS was active again - tingly legs and trouble with walking in a straight line. I have gone straight back on the Wheldon protocol and the symptoms have settled down again.

Fasting and CPn

Submitted by OzMan on Fri, 2018-07-13 09:38
Hi everyone,

I posted a long intro a while ago, but it seemed to have gotten lost. Will post one again soon, but a brief summary: I dont have MS as far as I know (nothing visible on MRI), but neurological problems, cognitive problems, something resembling Parkinsons, even though I'm only 30. This will be confirmed soon, waiting on some test results. It appears I have CIRS / mold illness, along with CPn, chronic sinus infections (likely MARCoNs).

Since I'm dealing with many issues at once, Im interested in therapies that treat multiple things.

High on Lymphocytes

Submitted by Barcelona on Thu, 2018-07-12 04:53
Hi! :) I already got the results from the last analysis. Everything comes out really good actually... though I see I have a high lymphocyte production... O.o I feel good... and tomorrow I visit the GP for a better understanding... though, could anyone explain me if this is normal? Here the transcription: Leucocytes Lymphocytes% - 46.2 - (20-50) Lymphocytes - 4.6 - (1.2-3.5) Is it anything to worry about? Or my body is just fighting some sort of infection? Should I ask the GP for any specific check up? Thanks a lot for your answers and ideas. :)

CPN from my father?

Submitted by tuftyone on Thu, 2018-07-12 04:49
Do you think it's possible for someone to carry (and pass on) the infection and appear healthy? My father who is 82 and really healthy, has had Rosacea on his nose (Thinophyma) for a number of years. I was diagnosed with MS at 29 and Rosacea at 40. My MS then started to worsen, as did my the Rosacea (on my nose). My Rosacea has got really bad since starting the Abx :(

Buhner Cpn Protocol Success Stories

Submitted by calikate on Mon, 2018-07-09 23:46
I would like to share with everyone my treatment success story in the hopes that it can help many of you. I used the cpn protocol found in Buhner's Healing Lyme (2015 edition) I followed it closely while taking plenty of binders/detox and have been able to reverse my cpn. I now test negative. Prior to the protocol I followed a strict AIP diet and replaced all personal care and home care products with natural non-toxic alternatives. I continue to follow both of those practices. I used the Buhner protocol for 3 months to clear my infection.

Alternatives to CAP?

Submitted by agaudet on Mon, 2018-07-09 11:29
Anyone have success with alternatives to the CAP? I have a doctor willing to prescribe but am running into problem after problem (doxy = acid reflux symptoms, minocycline as alternative = severe fatigue/lethargy) and I have to be able to work/go to school/function. Or is there an alternative to the tetracyclines? I'm sensitive to meds in general but those are causing me the most problems since they are taken twice daily.