Forgot Charcoal/Cholestryramine


I have been on an antibiotic protocol for over a year now, but a couple of months ago  I realized that I had missed taking the activated charcoal. My doctor had done some tests which indicated that I had issues with secondary polyphoria, and suggested that I try cholestryramine, which I have been on since then. Trying to figure out what I was taking made me realize I had somehow missed the charcoal... Anyway I think cholestryramine is a decent alternative for charcoal, but my question is what are the consequences of not treating the secondary polyphoria? Does it render the antibiotics less effective? I was planning to try CAP uninterrupted for 2 years which I thought seemed like a good time frame to see if I improved noticably, but I am wondering if I now need to reset the clock, because of missing the charcoal.


PS, should probably include my meds for reference:

Azithromycin 1x 500mg once daily

Doxycycline 2x 100mg twice daily

Tini 500mg 2x daily in 5 day pulses

NAC 2x600mg twice daily

+lots of vitamins (too tired now to list)

and now 4g cholestryramine 3x daily away from other meds

The 'moppers' bind to the crud you've created (by killing the cpn) and they get it OUT of your system, so you aren't recirculating it constantly.  This keeps your organs from being overworked, trying to do the clean-up.  It also allows more energy to go into healing you, rather than working so hard to 'cleanse' you.  You'll probably feel a lot better, for one thing.  And with less crud accumulating inside you, more can be efficiently removed once the abx kills it off.  I doubt you hampered the kill-effect, but you probably hampered the feeling better part of things.  Cool  Inflammation is a big part of the die-off of the bacteria, so physically making more empty space inside your system is a good thing.  Let us know how you feel once you're using moppers consistently.

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Yes, I did feel significantly better after a few weeks of starting cholestryramine. It made a tangible difference. On treatment I don't feel super healthy, I am still easily tired, and get worse symptoms when I pulses tini but I definitely seem to recover from being tired more easily (I am a CFS rather than an MS patient). I had a pretty good trajectory on starting antibiotics, and felt significantly better for the first 9 months, but we then moved house and I started struggling again once that settled down. Starting the cholestryramine broke that cycle, and I seem to be back to feeling pretty reasonable again.