Food, food, everywhere, but not a bite to eat

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I wrote this in late June but just now getting around to posing it.

With my recent Mycoplasma diagnosis, along with low hormones and thyroid issues, the MD has decided I need to take more thyroid. Oh, before I go too far, my initial MD was ran out of the state for treating Lyme, so I was orphaned by him and adopted by his partner. The new MD has a plan and he explained it like WWII. You need the bombers, fighters, cannons, infantry, etc., etc. to fight the war in your body, therefore I need more “stuff”. Well, I have a heart condition, probably due to the infection, which causes me to have arrhythmia and to increase the “stuff” I am now on a beta blocker. I’m not too happy with this idea, since I don’t like medicine in the first place, but for now it keeps me alive. He also switched my antibiotic to Levaquin. (da, da, dummmm…..)

Well, I got to a point of looking to see if there was anything else I can be doing to help the war and my diet was the first to surface. Every day I hide the bad foods I intake and say it’s healthy or say I have a healthy living style by exercising when I can. Let’s rethink this in a quick sentence. No I don’t have a healthy living style. So, finding out about the recent MD that developed MS and figured out how to eat right to help manage her symptoms, I listened and did what I usually do and take it to the extreme by Juice Fasting and believe me, it’s awesome but not without some precautions.

I juice all day, no solid food. I did this for 10 days and broke the fast by eating an apple, and then later moved into salads with ACV and fresh vegetables or vegan soup for the next couple days. Now the point of all this is to detox your body of junk and supply my body with the nutrients and micro nutrients my body needs and have been deprived of for some time. The first drink I had, I felt like I was in Herx’ing Hell. The detox load was huge and by drinking the first juice, I felt the load within 30 minutes. It finally subsided after a few days but continue to follow the regimen. I’m not starving, unless I’m away from my house to juice but I learned quickly to plan ahead. I have lost weight, my skin feels so much better, and I’m having days of feeling just darn right good. Plus I’m starting to have a disdain for “dead” food.

So yes, there are a lot of positives but you have to watch what you do when you take medication. I continue to juice but every other day or so, I will eat fruit or vegetables to keep things moving. Honestly, I don’t know where abx are digested and frankly I don’t want to find out by not eating. (updated: after speaking with my doctor, he approved the juicing and suggested I should be fine to continue doing it.)

I recently had a Naturopath come and speak to the Lyme Group. What a pleasant surprise he was, especially since I was the guinea pig. He took a drop of blood and analyzed my condition. I have high amounts of protein in my blood, we saw my WBC’s aren’t working(instead it’s just hanging out and taking a coffee break) and low differential to the RBC, we found the MPn, we found evidence of a virus (HHV6), saw some parasitic blood worms, mold, heavy metals, and saw cancer cells. It was all very interesting to finally see what I have wanted to see this whole time. So, he has a plan and says he’s very successful with it. I will visit him soon to see his plan for me, but I understand he’s expensive. At the same time, he does say we could get stabilized in 9 months, sometimes longer depending on the case. I will just need to weigh my options, but I definitely want to see who has the best plan first.

That’s about it. I hope everyone is getting some sort of good results out of what they are doing. Hang in there and be patient.  Christian

I agree, it's a huge way forward for a lot of people with the right support. I took a lot of supp's and greens to make sure I was getting everything my body needed with it the few times I tried it. Raw is where I want to be, I just suck at it! Invariably it made me feel awful, but in a kinda detox good way, I just never got past a couple of weeks of weakness with it. Good on you and good luck! Image removed.

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Sounds like this is working for you. My doctor suggested green smoothies where you put all your ingredients in a blender. All the fiber is so good for you. I find it easier than taking apart and cleaning a juicer.

You mentioned mold. I had no idea mold could make us so sick. If you have the genes that cause you not to detox mycotoxins, then it will cause a hyper immune response and all kind of really nasty problems. Like heart problems, temperature disregulation, tinnitus, balance problems, nerve pain and damage, brain fog,severe muscle cramps in the hands and feet and problems with red blood cells.

You can take a visual test online that would help determine if you have mold exposure causing visual problems:

Look for the test link.

Hope this helps.


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Munchman--I always enjoy reading your posts.  So much interesting news!  lol

Herxing hell -- hilarious if not so true.

I have had tremendous improvement since starting the Terry Wahls diet.  However, I am not cured.  I have noticed, having been on it a year now (80--100% depending on the day) that some things just take time to heal.  But some symptoms were gone after 3 weeks--such as overwhelming fatigue.

I have plans to be on this eating plan--only even more improved--for the rest of my life.  I don't ever want to feel as bad as I did before.  There is no doubt about it--it's a lot of work.    

Some symptoms have not disappeared, such as foot drop that appears after one hour of 90 plus degree  heat, for example.  So, I would like for that to be gone before it develops into something else. 

Sunday I prepared 3 large bags of greens, cooked ground turkey plus a few other items.  This morning I had greens, ground turkey, seeds, salsa and Thai seasoning for flavor plus coconut oil.   It was delicious--but weird.  

I have found, when away from the house, that food is a challenge. So, started carrying a stainless steel water bottle--sometimes water will do the trick.

Real food usually ends up being a Chinese restaurant--preferably a buffet where I can pile up the vegetables.   When out snacks are nuts and seeds and sometimes limited fruit.

No question, since my mother has started a Terry Wahls style diet and targeted supplements....she has reversed her early Alzheimer's. Pretty dramatic.   





Hi Christian.  Nice to hear from you again.   I have been looking into naturally fermented foods as an adjunct. and are two websites to take a look at.  I have been purchasing organic live-cultured sauerkraut at  to our health food store and will move to start making it.  Great way to encourage probiotic and prebiotic flora in the gut before, during and after CAP for sure.

Katherine,  I am interested in more info about your Mother's symptoms.  Might you blog about her in your space in relation to the Whals Diet.   What are her early symptoms, do they resemble brainfog etc.

Thanks for the update Christian.   Louise

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