Submitted by cypriane on Wed, 2006-05-24 22:13

Hi Guys,  I was just visiting a flashy website called selling a book published in 2003 named The Heart Attack Germ and pushing something called WIN/WIN Therapy.  The germ, of course, is chlamydia pneumoniae.  It also implicates CPN in Alzheimer's, and I suppose the WIN/WIN Therapy involves some abx.  Anybody know anything about this site/book/therapy and how we might manipulate some benefit out of it for  Cypriane

Paul Jeep on I and I just posted a link in a paper to heart disease and fungi, and baldness.





Diagnoised 98 with ReA (reactive arthritis), Cpn found in eyes! after2 years of study and some trials with Cipro and Biaxin ReA passed. since then colon complications. Did lamisil and fungizone for one year recently, big improvement. Yet still colon pr