Flagyl The Best sleep aid I know of

Hello All

Have any of you ever noticed the ABX specificallly Flagy makes you very sleepy

I am hoping some of you educated ones here can hell me why tha is

Burhner's herbs for cpn do the same thing

I consistently get the best sleep when I use these bacterial killiers and they work much better in procuding sleep than anything I have ever used.

Thanks Fl

I always found the Azith to provide wonderful sleep for me!  I would take it at bedtime and get the chills for a couple of hours, wrap myself in a comforter and sleep like a baby..next morning I wouild wake up feeling better.  Dr. S used to say that when endotoxins are dying you get very tired..so I related this deep restful sleep to endotoxins dying! I always looked forward to taking the Azith M-W-F


If there were some way of reproducing that 

It does not compare to anything I have tried for sleep 

DAILY:  NAC 2400MG , DHEA sublingual , vit D3 , multi vits,./ Three times  a week: B12 injections (Hydroxycobalamin). Deer antler./  Once every few months methyl B12 Methyl injections