Submitted by Karen on Mon, 2008-04-14 21:11

Hello,I'm about to start my 6th Flagyl pulse this month but I was wondering about the use of INH that's used in conjunction with Flagyl. The handbook says 300 mg QD - is that per day? I also understand there are side-effects like "spacicity (sp?) or maybe it's Neural Plasticity? I have read on this site of people having to use sodium purivate (sp?) to counter-act the effects.  Can anyone tell me anything more about this? I really want to start working at getting to the "last rung" so-to-speak of the treatment.   Another question I have is on Rifampicin (150 Mg BID). When is that usually introduced (if at all)? Is it required or optional? If it's required is it used during the Metro pulse or is it used on its own?  The handbook doesn't give much information on this particular drug and how often it's taken (it seems to skip right over it right into INH). Any clarification on this would be very appreciated. Thank you,Karen 

 Karen- I would not add either of these into your protocol, unless your doctor is recommending it, until you are showing few reactions to the regular antibiotics and to the flagyl pulses. You don't say anything about what you are experiencing currently in your CAP, or what exactly you are on as your signature doesn't show, so "6th pulse" doesn't really tell us much. 

Dr. Stratton has used this, and is the one who suggested it, in conjunction with the flagyl pulse. Having taken it, I certainly wouldn't recommend you start with 300mg a day! 150mg (empty stomach) the first time through is more reasonable. Not a lot of folks here appear to be using it this way. Some have been put on a continuous dose by their doctors, using it in addition to or as one of the protocol antibiotics. It seems to have particular efficacy in clearing immune cells of Cpn.

Rifampin is a particularly potent antichlamydial. As it increases liver enzymes, and it does not have any of the immunomodulatory (anti-inflammatory) effect that doxy and other antibiotics have, it's impact can be hard for some people. Dr. Stratton routinely uses it to treat Cpn because of it's effectiveness, but he has a lot of experience with it. Most people look to adding it to their protocol at the point when they are getting few reactions to either pulses or regular antibiotics. Typically it is done for a number of months and it's not recommended to use it short term. 

CAP for Cpn 11/04. Dx: 25yrs CFS & FMS. Protocol: 200mg Doxy, 250mg MWF Azith, Tini 1000mg/day pulses; Vit D1000 units, Iodoral 50mg, T4 & T3