flagyl and deathly ill

Submitted by Lynnp on Sun, 2009-10-11 14:13

This is a horrible time of year for me with the allergies and they make the fibromyalgia horrible.  I am in so much pain that I walk around with an ice pack on my neck and shoulders.  I look like a little old woman.  I started feeling really sick last weekend like I had the flu or something.  I started taking flagyl and felt better for 2 days then the last 3 days I've been shaking, can't sleep, flushed, exhausted, in horrible pain, etc. 

Do you think it's just because I was feeling bad before the Flagyl and taking it just made things worse?  I managed to do 4 1/2 days of Flagyl (did 10 days during the summer no problem) and had to stop.  Now, 3 or 4 days later I still feel feverish, haven't sleep for 3 nights in a row, in such pain, hard to breath. Last night I took another Percocet and about an hour later started itching so badly.  Took a benadryl.  Still itchy today.  I think if I had kept taking it I would have ended up in the hospital.

Nothing helps the pain.  I've been horribly depressed too but I know that can be a side effect from the flagyl.  I take ambien, 5htp, xanax to sleep but nothing helps.  What should I do?  It doesn't help that my husband had surgery Thursday (5 hours in doc's office), ER Friday (6hrs) and ER yesterday (3hours).  That just about killed me.  I'm just in a knot of pain and suffering on the floor and don't know what to do.  Sorry guys but I am at a loss.

 Is this heat shock?  I feel flushed and feverish all the time now.  I take vita c but must need to up it again to 10 grams a day.  I'm taking ibuprofen like candy.  Question about the charcoal.  It absorbs the toxins but then don't they just sit in your system?  Having ibs-c makes taking charcoal impossible for me.  Any help would be appreciated.

I don't have answers to these questions but I'm thinking of you with great sympathy - I hope you feel much better very soon.

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Thanks for the sympathy.  We all get a little desperate at times, don't we.  How are you feeling since you started the protocol?

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I don't know, Lynn, but could you actually have the flu?  Maybe you should check in with your doctor just in case.  The only thing I know of is to try to just get a lot of rest and try to get through this.  I would back down for the next pulse, or maybe delay it a bit.  Maybe you could handle a warm Epsom salt soak.  I also find Emergen-C to be helpful, and the sublingual B-12.  I'm sure you'll find some better answers, but I hope you can start improving quickly.  I know how miserable you feel. 

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LynnP, Finch has an interesting thought and for myself I was ill last Christmas season with something, likely viral flu or really bad cold that sapped my strength very strongly.  My illness was just as I was ending a 21 day pulse but it certainly was not like any pulse-related symptoms that I had had with any other normal length pulse of extended pulse (the previous had been 14 days and unremarkable.)  

Hope you are feeling better soon.   Louise

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I always think worst case scenario. I will try to give you some real help from my own experience,  since I had a serious relapse 3 months back I have done a lot of changes. Ok first thing flagyl is unpredictable it can sneak up on you at anytime. and when it does watch out, depression city and extreme nasua. I can push through it and do 2-3 weeks if I want but Ive had enough and im switching to Tinni. You might want to consider it. Also I started Rifampin (see my protocol). After the first pill I felt a lot better. Rifampin saved my life but its also my last plan of action. if this doesnt work im screwed I have no where to turn.  I also uped my azithromcin. Extreme die off but worth it. lots of choices but You have to remember Lynn this is a serious game we are playing and sometimes we have to play docter to get results. What works for me might not work for you but what works for me I got from others on this sight so all im doing to give you some advise and passing on the information. I also thought I had the flu but 2 weeks into it I should have known better. Best of luck and any questions please email me.

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You are so young to be so sick!  I am so sorry.  Glad you found this website.  Thanks for the info.  I am going to check into the Tini and I started M/W/F/S Azith on my own just recently.  I am going to try some Quercetin to see if that helps with the inflammation.  Take care.

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