First Report: Results of CAP's Treatment Survey #1

Finally we have the results of our first survey of CAPi's treatment!

The detail hounds might find a few numbers that don't add up. If so, let me know and I'll double check the data. It's as accurate as I could get it given mostly hand tabulation. I'm relying on you to keep me honest, as I'm only one day post Tinii and not seeing everything clearly this morning!

Please remember that these are small numbers reporting in, and a rather rough set of questions. It's a survey, not a statistical study. The charts are impressive, but should be taken with caution as visual aids can look better than the data set they come from!

Find it at:

First Report: Results of CAP's Treatment Survey #1< 


Neat work! Thanks so much for this, Jim. I find it very interesting that those with MSi tend to have fewer reactions to antibioticsi than those with CF; it confirms my own tentative impressions. Those with MS may have a smaller bacterial loadi, but host immunei factors seem to decide the clinical course.

D W - [Myalgia and hypertension">i (typically 155/95.) Began (2003) taking doxycycline and macrolide and later adding metronidazolei. No medication now. Morning BP typically 110/75]

Fine job, Jim!  I'm very visually oriented, so the charts really clarify the summary.  I'm looking forward to seeing this with larger numbers down the road.  I'm fairly certain the stats will hold up, no matter how large the samples become.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.  Mohandas Gandhi

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems. Mohandas Gandhi

Wonderful Jim where ever do you find the time? Do you have a house elf? Good grief, it's absolutely great. Thank you for doing it

On CAPi since Sept '05 for MSi, RAi, Asthmai, sciatica. EDSSi at start 5.5.(early cane) Now 6 (cane full time) Originally on: Doxyi 200, Azith 3x week, Tinii cont. over summer '07, Revamp of protocol in Summer '08 by Stratton due to functional loss; clarithro

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On CAPi's protocol for Cpni in CFSi/FMSi since December 2004.
Currently: 150mg INHi, Doxyi/Zithi, Tinii pulses 

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CAPi for Cpni 11/04. Dxi: 25+yrs CFSi & FMSi. Currently: 250 aithromycin mwf, doxycycline 100mg BIDi, restarted Tinii pulses; Vit D2000 units, T4 & T3, 6mg Iodoral

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