First pulse - wow

Submitted by lleach on Sun, 2011-01-16 00:19

I just finished my first pulse with metronidazole.  My pulses will generally be 500 mg BID for five days, then two weeks off, then repeat.  I started with only 500 mg for the first two days to see how I would react. 

Day one I became a little sore with a weird, tingly sensation at the base of my neck and upper back.  I wasn't really surprised about this because my illness has involved neck pain at times throughout the years.  I had a slight intestinal response the first day, not quite diarrhea but I thought it was going to be.  Day two the pain continued and I felt a little squirrelly, mentally-speaking.

Day three I took the first dose, planning to take 500 mg more in the evening.  By the end of the day I was feeling worse so I decided to not take the evening dose after all.  I was also starting to feel like I was getting a cold.  I knew it was from the die-off as I have felt exactly that way at least three times since the initial "NAC-flu" when I first did the NAC test.  Ironically, I felt like I had a little more physical energy.

By day four I was really feeling mentally bizarre.  I felt not quite dizzy but felt kind of like I was floating.  I was tired and yet trembling like I had overdosed on caffiene.  I spent some quality time with my chiropractor for the neck and shoulder pain.  For better or worse, I took the second 500 mg on day four.  Day five was about the same for me except that the trembling and mental symptoms were worse.  I was very much looking forward to taking the last dose and letting this drug get out of my system.  There was definitely a brownish tint to my urine on the morning after day five.

Overall, I felt pretty fortunate about the first pulse.  I am not expecting them to all be exactly like this one but I was prepared to possibly be incapable of doing very much.  I was actually relatively functional.

I take ibuprofen or naproxen every day, plus caffeine.  I started taking charcoal and chlorella the day before the first pulse.  I suppose this items could have lessed the potential effects of the metronidazole.

I have to say that it is bizarre to be happy about feeling worse when you know it is progress in the end!Smile

Congratulations to the first pulse! Most seem to ramp up the pulses (and the protocols in the handbook does that, just as ramping up the bacteriostatics), so no wonder you were hit rather strongly. I started with just one tablet of Tinidazole, and got clear reactions. Charcoal has helped immensely after that. The getting energized feeling seems common, adding to the "happy crappy" feeling of pulsing.

Have you been able to compare the effects of chlorella and charcoal? I have only used charcoal.


Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the encouragement.  This is a tough road and it helps to know there are others going down it.

I was a little nervous about the first pulse and that's why I started with only the morning dose for the first three days.  Dr. Powell's pulsing is a little more aggressive than the other doctors, perhaps because he often starts with the supplements for a period of time to build the body before starting the abx.  I was told to discontinue the pulse anytime it became too much.  I just wanted to push through the last dose because the only time I would have considered stopping was with only one dose left.

I like using chlorella.  I used it one night with nausea and it seemed to help.  I took 3000 mg that night.  I know the charcoal works, but I take the chlorella more because I rarely seem to have a four hour window for the charcoal.  I am constantly eating and taking meds/supplements.  I guess all in all I can't really say which one works better.  I am new at this, too, so I really can't say how I would feel without them.  I read enough on this forum to decide that I would use moppers with the first pulse.

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Congratulations Illeach. May all your pulses go this well. Ylu m,ay want to try extra probiotics for nausea or diarhea as well.


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