Submitted by Michèle on Sat, 2008-04-26 04:22

Finding a Doctor

Although well researched, this treatment is not well known and some doctors are likely to shy away from prescribing long term antibiotics (ABX), so unless you have a doctor who is willing to listen and learn and even get in touch with the experts at Vanderbilt you may have to find a doctor further afield. We have a very short list of doctors known to prescribe that have been consulted by our members. Some of them travel hundreds of miles for a consultation with a physician who is confident with the protocol.

However, your doctor might an open minded person and willing to prescribe for you given a little information. Our experience tells us that busy doctors do not have time to read the in depth material available on this website, although it is always worth asking them if they are interested. Here is a link to a letter crafted by members that outlines the basic problems of treating Cpn.   Also available here is a short version of the starting protocol which you could give a doctor who was willing to prescribe for you.   Addtionally there is more information available on the website here and on Dr Wheldon’s website.

If these strategies fail, then it would be worth looking for a Lyme Literate doctor (they are more familiar with the use of antibiotics in the treatment of Lyme disease) and these are some of the places to look:

Lyme Disease Association