Finch Checking In

Submitted by Finch on Mon, 2009-04-27 20:19

Hi Everyone,

I know it's been way too long since I've checked in here.  I just want everyone to know that I'm still at it.  I've completed 15 Flagyl pulses now, although only 4 of them have been at the full 5-day doses.  The first full pulse was in November and went very well, but in December I had a harder time and cut back to two doses on two of the days.  It was Christmas time, and that's always rough on my ME/CFS.  I then got in full pulses in January, February, and March, but the one in April I had to cut short at 4 days.  It seems to get a bit worse each pulse, mainly with the headache, fatigue, and digestive problems.  After the 4 day pulse two weeks ago, I could really notice the Flagyl taste in my mouth for a full week after I was done.  Every day that I'm doing the pulse, I feel like I just can't take that next Flagyl, but then the time comes, and I do.

My health has been up and down through all this.  I do think I'm noticing some subtle improvements, but then I still have some really bad periods of time.  My migraines have been brutal, with them coming nocturnally practically every single morning over the past few weeks.  Today is blessedly headache free.

I haven't been reading much of the posts here - just now and then.  I know I'm behind in what's been going on with everybody, and I'm sorry. 

I really do want to let everyone I've talked with in the past know that I'm still here, still working at it.  I'm continuing to work full-time while I do this, so sometimes computers are not my friends! 

That's about all my brain can muster for now.

Take Care All,


I'm glad to hear from you, and hope you get more improvements, even if they are only subtle.

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You are doing really well especially as you are working through all this.   Glad you are still checking in from to time.

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Flagyl pulses can be brutal, and working full time while doing all this is really commendable. My own went the way yours are - harder with less mobility each time for a long time - until I began to get those tiny windows of short periods just before time to do flagyl again. Keep it up. Rica

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Hi Finch,  Glad to hear from you.  You're doing a good job at a tough enterprise.  Keep your faith and determination, and don't forget to drop in occasionally or reach out for help when you need it.

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Hi Finch, Great to hear from you again. 

Have you thought about requesting a change to Tinidazole 500mg twice a day, as a substitute for Flagyl?   Tinidazole (Tindamax) has been a very good choice for me.  Never any gastro-intestinal problems or taste problems or aversions to taking it.  Twice a day dosing makes that easier as well.  I can take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with ease.

 I admire you ability to be able to work full time during this process.   Louise

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Thank you, Louise.  If the Flagyl keeps being this difficult, I'll definitely be asking my doctor about the Tinidazole!  I'm stubborn, though, and will give it one more try since I've already got the prescription filled.

I do have some other questions for you, and I'll be sending you a PM in the near future.



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Hellloo hockey fan...

I am in AZ for a few more days & have to admit I haven't been keeping tabs on the playoffs!  Gooooo Canucks!  Gooooo Pens

Glad you are slogging along & able to work without too much harm.  Talk soon!




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