Fighting Inflammation with Luteolin

This is an interesting article about how luteolin fights inflammation. I have posted about this before and found that Lutimax works well. You just have to take a lot of it--about 8 tablets a day for a few days to see the results.


Raven, you must be a follower of NaturalNews ;) too.   This was/is interesting! 

Thanks for reposting to our site.


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Yes, I saw it and was considering posting the link, Raven, you beat me to it!!


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Yes, I love the Health Ranger and his newsletter. I also get Dr. Mercola's newsletter but Natural News has more interesting stuff. I have been battling a lot of inflammation lately so I took about 8 tablets of Lutimax today.

This may be because I have been taking Epicor which is an immune stimulant. There is a nasty repiratory bug making the rounds (my husband has it) and I am trying to avoid it. So far so good--but seems like lots more die off from Cpn.


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