Far Infrared Irradiation for Managing and Treating Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - another way to promote remyelination!


I saw this article tonight:



Multiple sclerosis (abbreviated MS) is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks the central nervous system (CNS), leading to demyelination. This study will investigate the use of far infrared radiation for MS control, management and treatment.


MS a demyelinating disease, is any disease of the nervous system in which the myelin sheath of neurons is damaged. This impairs the conduction of signals in the affected nerves, causing impairment in sensation, movement, cognition, or other functions depending on which nerves are involved.

MS affects the areas of the brain and spinal cord known as the white matter. White matter cells carry signals between the grey matter areas, where the processing is done, and the rest of the body. More specifically, MS destroys oligodendrocytes which are the cells responsible for creating and maintaining a fatty layer, known as the myelin sheath, which helps the neurons carry electrical signals.

Observations from our research studies indicate that, far infrared rays provide energy to the body, improve the autonomic functions of the nervous system, restore the functions of the endocrine system, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and increase the level of oxygen in the cells and promote the regeneration of muscle cells, nerves and brain cells.

It is hereby postulated that irradiation using far infrared, with wavelength between 5 to 20 microns, of the central nervous system, the endocrine system and the whole body could prevent, control, manage or possibly lead to complete rehabilitation of people who have MS.

Study Design

Allocation: Non-Randomized, Control: Uncontrolled, Endpoint Classification: Efficacy Study, Intervention Model: Single Group Assignment, Masking: Open Label, Primary Purpose: Treatment."

Now here's the rub:

A search for the company - in a couple of different places shows the company status as "disolved" or "inactive."


The article however, was published just now (March 19th, 2015).

And, there are other articles, including the one I posted in 4Plexman's forum topic about Hot Baths - that suggest there could be therapuetic benefit to a "far infrared" treatment program for folks with MS (or to put this in the framework of cpn - "treat cpn mediated demyelinating disease aka MS).

One more interesting data point is that Dr. Terry Wahl's also promotes this treatment method.

4Plexman - I was considering adding this to your forum post - as the "hot" part of far infrared therapy and this stuff have the heat part in common, and there are other articles that talk about far infrared promoting detox through the skin.  It might belong there too to be sure, but I'm convinced that this specific subject does merit it's own separate forum topic!

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That's fine with me. Anything that supports/refutes bath therapy as part of c.pn war.

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