Hello, I found at home two packages of Doxycycline whith the expiration date in September 2017. Do you think it's safe for use it and if so, would it be still efficient enough? Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and happy 2018.

I would not have a problem using it unless it has been kept in a bad environment such as in the sun or changing temerature all the time.   


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I have always been very blazè about expiration dates on anything. When it comes to drugs, I always used to believe that drugs were ok; perhaps a touch less potent as they grew past their expiration date. I don't think that any longer. Last year, I threw away a whole tub of doxycycline that I had been given to me by a fellow CAPer. I don't suppose three months out of date is going to lead to the end of the world but I had read specifically that tetracyclines actually became toxic when out of date. I don't have a citation for this but that is what I remember. I can't imagine that 3 months can really make so much difference. Of all the drugs we take, doxycycline are the cheapest. Here in the UK, they are 7p a capsule; dirt cheap in fact.

Whatever you do, I'm sure you'll be fine. At least if you wake up dead, you'll know why.


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Even with tetracyclines, the idea of them becoming dangerous arises from one report in the 1960s of that happening; it was from a tropical country (Malaysia, if I remember correctly), and likely was due to other ingredients in the pill reacting with the tetracyclines; the pills were then reformulated to eliminate that particular risk.

So while one can't absolutely rule out the risk of expired antibiotics being dangerous, the chance of it actually happening seems negligible.

Expiration date of the perscription (typically one year after perscription filled) is not the TRUE expiration date of the antibiotic. The box the pills came in that the pharmacist used to fill your perscription has the TRUE expiration date and we are never informed of that, but typically that date is 3-5 years after manufactured. So, good chance the date is a year or more after the perscription expiration date - longer if stored in bottom of fridge (cool/dark), but NEVER freeze!

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Had to get some ABx's from Germany to make-up for a few I needed to complete my cycle - interesting experience! Turns out we americans are being ripped-off by the pharmaceutical-medical-industrial complex ... how do I know? Funny how all our 'scripts come 'loose' in bottles with a fake expiration date, while in europe (and other places in the world like india, etc.) they come in fake-proof blister packs in original manufacturer's box with it's REAL expiration date!!! The 'loose' pills we get could be from an expired box, counterfeit, or just placebos... who really knows but some businessman pharmacist with questionable morals, eh? The box with blisters for each pill had an expiration date of Oct 2021 - that's over 3 years from when I got them!!! SO - never throw away or hand-in ANY unused pills - chances are (if they're not fake to begin with...) they're good for a couple of years longer, or more!!! {buy non-american and avoid the lies}
We find consultations, we learn tricks with which we deceive ourselves, but the essential thing - the way - we do not find. Listen to the river...

Batgirl, the propranolol and other stuff I have bought from India has a fake proof blister pack as well, with writing in English.
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