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Note: In a few cases these expert comments may have been superceded by updates to the particular protocols mentioned. Please use the CAP's descriptions in the Cpn Handbook as the most up to date versions of the protocol's using these Expert comments as useful sidebar information where they differ from current practice. Comments by physicians treating various diseases with a Cpn protocol and by scientists and researchers studying Cpn. Comments by David Wheldon Comments by David Wheldon on antibiotics in his protocal and the Vanderbilt protocal Comments by David Wheldon MD on treating MS with Cpn protocal" David Wheldon on Relapse and Pseudo-Relapse treating MS for Cpn David Wheldon comments on Cpn endotoxins & reactionsDavid Wheldon comments on steroid use with Cpn infection  Comments by Dr A Expert close to Vanderbilt work describes thorough treatment of Cpn: an interview. Dr. A comments on EB load and severity of illness.Dr A comments on Flagyl use.  Picture of EB's riding on Red Blood Cells    Dr. Michael Powell   A Rheumatologist Treating Cpn in Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and other auto immune disorders-  Dr. Powell Comments on Niacin in Cpn Infection and other supplements   Dr. Charles Stratton Indicator of B12 deficiency <!--break-->