Epstein Bar

Submitted by rcquilter on Fri, 2016-03-18 20:25

Many people with MS have the Epstein Barr virus. Perhaps it's making the IJV's weak and possibly causing them to collapse. Please tell me you thoughts on this.

Over the years with CFIDs I have had many recurrences of Epstein Barr. Only a couple of times did I get blood work done to show a reactivation but even when I did not the symptoms were identical, extreme fatigue for several weeks & swollen lymph nodes (sometimes amazingly swollen). I am now convinced that the underlying issue was Cpn and it led to an immune dysfunction that allowed these reactivations.

Taking acyclovir prophylactically helps with epstein barr reactivations for me. And it helps even more with the closely related cold sores (both are herpes viruses). Anytime I have taken a very effective antimocrobial combination in the past I would end up with a cold sore and/or mono if I was not taking acyclovir.

There are a couple of reasons I think Cpn effects immune function. First it produces cHSP-60 presumably in an effort to hide from the immune system. HSP-60 is a strong inducer of inflammation. I suspect that inducing inflammtion vs. WBCs having their cell mediated resistance up regulated effects their ability to keep opportunistic infections in check.

However the bigger problem I think is having a significant systemic Cpn infection. Anytime you do or take something out of the ordinary that causes a lot of Cpn infected cells to die, WBCs are recruited to these sites. As a result the amount of circulating WBCs can be temporarily but drastically depleted and again this can allow opprtunistic infections to replicate unchecked.

In one case many years ago, I took a very powerful (and in retrospect, ill advised) combination of antibiotics. I ended up with a high fever and diagnosis of Leukapenia. However arguing against a depletion of WBCs would be the finding that I had elevated WBCs in my CNS. So a better explantion would be that I did not lose any WBCs but in fact they had been recruited to various parts of my body and as a result the numbers that were circulating were reduced.

- Paul