Eosinophils high but white blood count normal

Last blood workup had normal WBC, but eosinophils were high. This when recently got over 11 days of fever that included lots of sinus discharge and post nasal drip - had loss of appetite (lost 7 pounds, but now almost got all back) but once fever broke hungry as horse... most of sinus issues reduced since then.

Been off of ABxi's for 2 years after 18 month stint of ABxi's - RRMSi - Still on vit./suppl. portion of CAPi.

Suspect severe sinux infection, possibly/probably CPni (my IgGi was >512) and last MRI showed 'sinus mastoid' (?!?).

Time to get back on the ABX's for a few months again?

I would say yes.

And I say it because I've always planned to do a few months of abxi every couple of years, to make sure cpni never gets a strong foothold again.  I had two massive lung infectionsi early this year and another, smaller, one.  Spent the first four months of the year pretty sick, which is the first time in ten years I've been that ill.  I'm just going to call it insurance and I'll be asking my physician for a few month's worth of abxi once the holidays are over. 

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From: http://www.cpnhelp.org/fungal_sinusitis_and_rela< (fungal sinusitis and related issues)

"However, patients diagnosed with Chronic RhinoSinusitis (CRS) have an immunologic response to the fungi causing activated white blood cells (eosinophils) to enter their mucus. The activated eosinophils release a major basic protein -- a toxic protein -- into the mucus, which attacks and kills the fungi but damages the nose and sinus membranes. The major basic protein also injures the epithelium, which allows bacteria to infect the tissues." 

So in theory if you are already CPN infected, your infected immunei<i< system will travel to the site of the fungal infection and set up permanent house keeping...  Otherwise, you in theory are a sitting duck with a fungal infection for picking up all sorts of other bacterium which are also implicated in chronic sinusitis.

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