Empty Capsules Triple "000" size V-caps or Gelatin Caps can be useful.

Nausea, stomach pain and vomiting from gastric irritation while taking Doxy, Clarithromycin or metronidazole(Flagyl) is a topic that has come up over and over again here.  

Empty Capsules Triple "000" size V-caps or Gelatin Caps was suggested several years ago for people who had trouble tacking Flagyl.    I picked up a bag at my local natural foods store.  Some people purchase Vit-C in bulk and fill their own capsules, they are used for other herbs as well.

With this cycle of intermittent CAP I have substituted Clarithromycin for roxithromycin and read that it has caused some people gastric problems.    I have always had to take my doxy with a full meal (including protien and fat) and take it right in the middle of the meal or intermittently suffer the consequences.  Why I never made the connection to this bag of capsules (which I did not use because I started on tinidazole and I could take it and the roxi on and empty stomach first thing in the morning without any discomfort or problem), packed away in the box of misc. supplements is beyond me but.......

I dug the bag of Empty Capsules Triple "000" size V-caps or Gelatin Caps out as I started this round of intermittent and I can get the Clarithromycin and the doxy tablet both in the same "000" sized empty capsules.  This morning I tried the extreme test and took the doxy and clarithromycin in the capsule on an empty stomach.   That was 2 hours ago, still have not eaten and no nausea etc.

Another supplement that I have had to take with meals because of distress is NAC.   So I tried the experiment for NAC placing it in another capsule, again no irritation on an empty stomach.   I think in this way I may be able to get my NAC dose up to 2400mg where I have until this point been unable to get beyond 1200mg.

Thought I would share this discovery and file it in the Bookmarks forum for easy of locating it.


Uses for Empty Capsules, Triple "000" size, V-caps or Gelatin Caps.
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